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About Xtreme

Created by New York Latin music producers George Zamora and Sergio George, Xtreme is a pop/R&B/bachata Dominican vocal duo consisting of lead singer Danny Mejia and backing vocalist Steven Tejada. The group formed in 2003, though wasn't finalized until February 2004, with the discovery of the gifted 17-year-old Mejia. After many months of auditions the group lineup was finalized, at that time including a third member who is no longer with the group. (Their third companion shows up on the cover of the 2005 release, but is cut out on their 2006 reissue for Univision.) Stylistically, Xtreme strives to synthesize the experience and taste of so many Dominican nationals living in the U.S. The music is a mixture of the "tipico" sounds of their motherland and the R&B that New York Dominicans grow up hearing in the streets of their neighborhoods. The group was well received by their ever-growing target demographic with hits like their single "Te Extrano" among others. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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