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Part of the burgeoning Eastern European electronica scene, Hungarian band Zagar started out as three-fifths of the Yonderboi Quintet. After a few years and some critical success, keyboard player and lead composer Balázs Zságer (Zagar's namesake), guitarist Andor Kovács, and scratcher DJ Bootsie splintered off to form their own sound, eventually adding drummer Tibor Lazar and bassist Akos Zsager-Vargas to round out the group. The newer sound is somewhat more experimental than the Yonderboi sound, though much of the aesthetic is complementary. After a hugely successful (and highly acclaimed by the Hungarian media) debut album, Local Broadcast, the band shifted into some soundtrack territory, releasing the backing to a local feature, Eastern Sugar. Along with a successful release again in 2007 (Cannot Walk Fly Instead), the band has branched into further soundtrack and scoring opportunities, most notably in the U.S. with background music for the various incarnations of CSI. ~ Adam Greenberg