The little-known Indianapolis band Zerfas put out one self-released album in 1973 that, in the manner of many such records of the era with limited distribution, sounded a few years behind the times in its emulation of the late psychedelic epoch. By the standards of such private pressings, however, it was considerably above average. At its best, the reasonably strong original material had echoes of both the late-period Beatles and Beatles-influenced bands like Badfinger and the Move. They were a little more idiosyncratic than many of those kinds of bands, though, employing some backwards tapes, hazy unsteady timbres, and a grand organ sound owing something to early British progressive rock. Some of the lesser songs weren't so hot, but the production, vocal harmonies, and relatively concise execution displayed more thought and care than the usual small-press ventures. ~ Richie Unterberger

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