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He'd break anything that threatened me...even my heart.

Jolene Moroney never expected to find herself in charge of a whiskey distillery. She also never expected to find herself looking down the barrel of a gun. The death of an uncle she didn't even know she had changed all that.

When Jolene's life and the future of the vast Moroney inheritance became threatened by outside forces, there was only one man Jolene felt she could turn to.

Callum, an ex-assassin for the Scottish government, spent the last few years protecting Jolene's uncle. Now the chiseled bodyguard found himself on the run, going undercover to protect Jolene.

It started out as just another job for Callum. However, when the sexual tension between the two of them began to ignite, it threatened to set them ablaze. Acting on impulse, they gave in to their lust-filled desire and shared a sensual, passionate night together.

Instead of getting it out of their systems, it only increased their need for one another. Now, with unspeakable dangers closing in on them, will they be able to escape with their love...or their lives?

Anna Castiglioni
hr min
August 10
Stacey LaTorre

Customer Reviews

HeartThrobLT ,

A++++ entertainment

Listened to it in my car trip to Delaware. Loved every second and cannot wait till the second book.

AudioBookReviewer.com ,

a chic-lit fairy tale

Bedding an Assassin was a quick, light romantic suspense story. It was entertaining enough, but never gripped me completely.

Jo moves from the US to Ireland when she inherits a huge estate and business from an uncle she didn't know existed. Supported by her feisty best friend Charlotte, she takes over the estate and its staff, which includes a bodyguard her uncle had hired. There is an instant attraction between Jo and Callum, the bodyguard. But not everybody is happy with the uncle's will, and soon Jo's life is in danger, and Callum has to put his feelings aside to focus on protecting Jo's life.

Bedding an Assassin was a chic-lit fairy tale, enjoyable but not very deep with equal parts romance and suspense. The characters and the plot could have been better developed, for example, the way Jo's mother changed 360 degrees in no time at all did not make a lot of sense to me. There were a couple of nice twists and suspenseful moments though, and the romance, though high on the insta-love scale, was believable and charming.

The narration was also a bit of a mixed bag. Anna Castaglioni's pace was good, her male voices very convincing and her attempts at the variety of accents commendable. However, the book stated that Callum tried to hide his Scottish accent while living in Ireland. According to the audio, he failed miserably. That's not really a big deal and maybe I'm nitpicking, but Callum sounded so obviously Scottish, it didn't fit his character who was in hiding. I also found the female housekeeper's voice almost unbearable to listen to. It was far too high-pitched. The production had a couple of issues, too. There were several instances where sentences were repeated, and the sound effect used between chapters was louder than the narration, which didn't make for pleasant listening.

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