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Have you loved and lost? When we fail too much - to be understood or to be appreciated, to get what we need or to achieve what we want - there comes a moment when we give up. And in that moment, we lose more than love. We lose part of ourselves, part of our vitality and part of our power. Imagine love unrestrained by frustration or failure...for people, passions, and project held dear.

In Celebrating Love, acclaimed "relationship-angel" Alison Armstrong scouts the thorny woods of loss and resignation and leads us back to the experience and full expression of love. With her trademark warmth, wit, and wisdom Alison will reconnect you with the true source of your power and potency in every area of life. Join the audience in this once-in-a-lifetime event, punctuated with real-time surprises!

Alison A. Armstrong
hr min
January 12
PAX Programs Inc.

Customer Reviews

henrypootel ,

Transformed my relationship with all the men in my life, especially my husband

I have listened to all of Alison Armstrong's audiobooks many, many. many times, because there is that much information in them. Whenever there is overlap it is only so anyone who hasn't listened to the other audiobooks can understand the ideas that build upon each other, so do not be afraid that you are paying for the same ideas being repeated over and over and therefore it is a waste of money to buy all of them. It is totally worth it to buy them all(except for the original Understanding Men, which is just a condensed version of the update. The update is so much better than the first version that I do not think it is worth bothering with buying the original at all if you get the update).
Not only is there a lot to absorb in Alison Armstrong's material, but the ideas are often so different from they way we are either conditioned or 'programmed' biologically it will probably take quite a bit of time and effort to even grasp the ideas, much less put them to use. Be patient with yourself and definitely consider taking her workshops which help you reach the epiphany needed to fully grasp and appreciate the material. All of the workshops are worth it and even though they are expensive to take the first time, to retake them is not very expensive at all and it is also very worth it. As you take the workshops and continue to listen to the audiobooks you will find huge shifts in your thinking take place which will translate into happier and healthier relationships and interactions with both men and women within and without your family that will improve your whole life, not just your primary relationship. These are also a fantastic complement to John Grey's work, and visa-versa.

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