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DEAD AHEAD contains adult language and zombie violence. Parental discretion is advised.

On a restless ocean, a group of weary survivors contemplate their grim fortune: What had started out as a fun little fishing trip soon turns into a nightmare of damnation, trapped on a floating prison. The continents have been hit by a plague that has turned humanity into living corpses - leaving our castaways at sea to fend for themselves. With provisions low, hope comes in the form of a luxury liner sailing into view on the horizon. All they needed to survive would be onboard, but who among them has what it takes to find out what happened to its crew and passengers? From the award-winning Colonial Radio Theatre and based on the comic book by Mel Smith and Clark Castillo, Dead Ahead promises to be a cruise you will never forget.

Starring Joseph Zamparelli, Shana Dirik, Allan Mayo, and the Colonial Radio Players

Executive producer Mark Vander Berg

Dramatized for audio by Jack J. Ward

Produced by Rich Matheson

Music by Jeff Gage

Directed by Jerry Robbins

Cover art by Jeff Hayes.

Arts & Entertainment
The Colonial Radio Players, Joseph Zamparelli, Shana Dirik, Allan Mayo
hr min
July 30
The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air

Customer Reviews

Michael McParland ,

Adventure And Survival

The Colonial Radio Players once again give a great story and do a superb job. This is a very good adventure of a group of survivors during the zombie apocalypse stuck out at sea and having to make sporadic excursions on land for supplies. A gripping adventure throughout with a big awesome ending. This is definitely worth it and I recommend it highly.

jhpetsitter ,

Zombies rock!

CRT does a great zombie drama! It was edge of your seat suspenseful and a great story line. Highly recommend it and all CRT productions. You won't be disappointed.

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