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What do you need to feel happy about being different? Based loosely on real life experiences, this heartwarming and powerful book illustrates how self-awareness, and courage help a young boy named Raymond learn the difference between seeing things as they appear to be and seeing things as they are.

While on Safari in Africa during 2001, Helen Hipp and her young family witnessed something few get to see – a pink hippo. Separated from the pod and barely tolerated due to her differences, Hipp's son Ray felt an instant affinity to the hippo he'd now named "Rosie."

Inspired by the effect Rosie's place within the pod had on Ray, who has special needs and has experienced his own challenges with acceptance, Ray finds himself soon carried into a world beyond labels and challenging assumptions. You will never guess what happens next!

Kids & Young Adults
Raymond Chadwick
hr min
October 23
A Different Kind of Safari LLC

Customer Reviews

Harry and Autumn ,

Learning to accept those who are different.

We received this book to give an honest review.

K fell asleep towards the end so I ended up finishing the book myself.
I have to say this was a different book than I was expecting it to be and I really can not explain it.
But anyway, we have a young boy name Raymond who falls asleep under a tree in Africa. As he is on his "walkabout" which I love hearing about. He befriends a pink hippo! I know hippos are suppose to be grey and Raymond questions this. Well this pink hippo named Rosie takes him on a journey of teaching him that just because things, animals, or people look different doesn't mean you should treat them differently. Or at least that is what I got from the story. While on his journey with Rosie they meet a crocodile and Raymond is scared because we all know that they are dangerous. But this croc named TLC shares his wisdom and a story of a zebra and how she looked different and was treated differently.
I did enjoy how this book had a lesson within the story. And how Raymond was willing to learn that just because things look different doesn't mean they are.

I do wish there were more pictures involved with this book.
Overall a good story.