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All six of the Ending series prequel novellas in one volume!  

The virus changed everything. This is how it began. 

I - Carlos

High school. Dealing drugs. A secret girlfriend. Carlos thought his life was hard enough...but then the virus spread. 

II - Mandy

Twenty-two years ago, Mandy struggled to find her purpose in life. Purpose, however unexpected, found her. Now, the arrival of a deathly ill young man stirs painful memories of the past. Who is he, and why does he look so familiar? 

III - Vanessa

One week. That's how long it took for Vanessa's world to fall apart, for the outbreak to kill billions of people, and for the survivors to divide into two groups - the sane and the insane. One week is how long it took for Vanessa to start hearing the voices. Things, she's learning, can always get worse.  

IV - Jake

When Jake's world is ripped away, he's left with nothing but the sting of betrayal before he's lost to a devastating illness. Waking up days later, he finds everything has changed - even he has changed - and the world is in complete chaos. Though he's surrounded by danger, his guilt and need for vengeance are his greatest enemies. 

V - Clara 

Clara's childhood was less than ideal, but thanks to her beloved fairy tales, she managed to survive. She also managed to hold onto the hope that with a little hard work and determination, she would one day find her Prince Charming...her happily ever after. For a little while, she thinks she has. But just as everything seems to be falling into place, a ghost from the past returns to haunt her. 

VI - Jake and Clara

After his sister’s death, Jake is determined to seek revenge against his best friend turned enemy. However, after meeting Clara, who's as convincing as she is unnerving, his plans change completely.  

Clara has all but given up on finding her Prince Charming, but the moment Jake walks into the hospital, her future becomes much brighter, despite the world-ravaging virus that's turned everything upside down. 

But traveling across the country together proves more difficult than either of them expects, and just when they both think the world couldn't get any worse, it does.  

Kids & Young Adults
Natalie Duke
hr min
October 23
L2 Books