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Four classic BBC TV episodes featuring a newly-added interview with John Cleese.

A Touch of Class
Basil's dream of attracting a classy clientele comes true when Lord Melbury arrives. There's nothing Basil won't do for his Lordship, but titles can be deceiving.

The Anniversary
Basil's plans for a surprise party go horribly wrong when Sybil thinks he's forgotten their 15th wedding anniversary nad leave. Basil is left to clear up the mess.

The Psychiatrist
Sybil's interest is piqued by a young 'yobbo' staying at the hotel, while a visiting psychiatrist finds enough material for a conference when he encounters Basil Fawlty.

The Wedding Party
Prudish Basil is outraged by the apparent promiscuity going on in the hotel, but it's the guests who end up shocked when they find Basil and Manuel in a compromising position.

Arts & Entertainment
John Cleese, Prunella Scales, Andrew Sachs, Full Cast
hr min
January 24
BBC Worldwide Limited

Customer Reviews

filledesang ,

Let's have the real thing.

Hear hear! let's have the show. I would gladly pay for the show. but im not going to spend my money on this rubbish. It would be nice to be able to pick the episodes you want to buy, instead of getting them all. Though it is nice to have the interviews.

chwchw123 ,

please give the show!

The audiobook does not do justice!! Please iTunes, give us the show!!!

Music Monger ,

Are They?

I can't stress this enough! Please, iTunes! Give us the real show, not this audiobook thing! It's not the same! Not as funny!
Basil and his idiots are back in the third and apparently final volume of Fawlty Towers. I think that this one has "The Anniversary" which is probably one of the best ones ("The Germans" is the best, but "The Anniversary" is almost as funny).
It's a great show! Go on and buy it!
Don't buy the audiobook. You'll regret it. Just go out and get the show on DVD or something.

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