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Maxim and Diego don't always get along. But they get results.

After missing for three days, a young girl is found wandering the Arizona forest. She's despondent, with no memory of her ordeal beyond eerie delusions. When a second girl disappears, a pattern emerges that sets two police departments racing against the clock to save her.

Only two men dare take on the mysterious Sycamore wilderness: Maxim Dwyer is a small-town detective with attachment issues who faces off against a rival from the county police. Diego de la Torre, a biker troublemaker with an anti-authority complex, walks a fine line between responsible citizen and vigilante outlaw.

Together, the unlikely pair isn't always on the same side of the law, but they are the girl's best hope. Unfortunately, things in Sycamore are rarely what they seem. Maxim and Diego have more problems than they know, and if those don't catch up with them, whatever lurks in the forest will.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Jason Jewett
hr min
January 14
Blood & Treasure

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Can they find the lost girl before it is too late.

A young girl disappears on the edge of the Sycamore wilderness.  The distraught mother runs into Diego, a big hearted biker and outlaw who promises to find her daughter.  The massive manhunt begins.  When Diego’s friend, Detective Maxim finds another lost girl, the mystery grows, pointing to the occult and mysteries beyond the obvious.

Most of the story reads like a detective novel, unraveling clues that seem to lead to dead ends, only to point to the strangeness of the girls’ disappearance.  Local stories of mysterious lights and laughing children deep in the forest, are at first dismissed, but seem to point to a mystery far greater than the police can handle.  Can they find the lost girl before it is too late.

The novel is generally entertaining and contains plenty of action, though is seems somehow disconnected.  The listener often feels forgotten, like he or she is eavesdropping on a story being told between strangers.  Hard to explain, but less compelling than one would hope for.  There is also a lot of rehashing of things we’ve just heard, recaps of events and interior thoughts.  It slows the progression of the plot in this listener’s opinion.

The audio is performed by Jason Jewett who does a good job.  He has a pleasant reading voice and differentiates the characters well enough.  There isn’t a lot of energy to his reading, but it is hard to determine if that is his interpretation or the writing.

The Green Children is a detective story that turns into fantasy.  It is alluded to throughout the novel, but doesn’t reveal itself until the novel is nearly complete.  It is book three in a series, but can easily be read alone.  Everything wraps up into a neat package at the end.  If you are looking for a detective novel with a touch of the occult, this may be what you are looking for.

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