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Winner of the 2020 Independent Audiobook Award, General Fiction category.

For the Temple women, the winds of change are blowing. And if they're not careful, it could sweep them all away.

After rising from Temple servant to tea shop owner, Violet finally feels in charge of her destiny. While learning Gullah folk magic from her aging grandmother, she worries much of her cultural heritage will be lost to the grave. Is there enough time for Old Sally to pass down all her special wisdom?

Bride-to-be Queenie has never felt younger at heart. Engaged to the man of her dreams, the feisty 60-year-old won't let anything ruin her big day - not even ancestral ghosts or a mysterious wedding crasher.

Rose's southern roots run deep. Even after three decades away, she can still feel the shadow of her deceased high-society mother watching her every move. Can she shake her ghost and find a place among her family?

With a storm of trouble brewing across the island, the Temple women will have to survive more than a force of nature to put their ghosts to rest.

Gullah Secrets is the sequel to the best-selling novel Temple Secrets. If you like Southern gothic literature, characters you won't want to close the cover on, and locations steeped in history, then you'll love this hilarious and warmhearted saga.

Holly Adams
hr min
February 12
Wild Lily Arts

Customer Reviews

Anne Alex ,

The Temple family is back – three cheers!

Gullah Secrets is the long-awaited sequel in the captivating series that began with Temple Secrets and I am delighted to say it is spellbinding as the first audiobook. We are reunited with Old Sally and Queenie and all the other much-loved characters, as they get ready to celebrate joyous times ahead. However, tensions run high when ominous forces yet again converge to threaten our beloved extended family’s peaceful, happy life on the shores of South Carolina.

Susan Gabriel is a gifted storyteller, who deftly weaves the tapestry of this delightful clan and all its members’ foibles in this charming story of a culturally blended family. A modern family, steadfast in its unconditional love for all its members, brought together and underpinned by its old Southern roots and the ancient Gullah wisdom.

I am happy to say my eager anticipation in awaiting this audiobook was fully rewarded. Folks who enjoyed Temple Secrets will love this sequel, too. It has the same great narrator. I highly recommend it!

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