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Supernatural meets Sons of Anarchy. Detective Maxim Dwyer is a man on a mission and nothing is going to stop him from finding his missing wife - not shape-shifting hard cases, outlaw bikers, or government cover-ups. Finn’s Seventh Sons is a story you’re not going to want to put down." – James A. Hunter, Author of Strange Magic (Yancy Lazarus Series)

Two years after his wife went missing, Detective Maxim Dwyer is still running down leads. The isolated woods of Sycamore are home to many lawless men, and no one's talking, but that hasn't stopped Maxim from gathering suspects. Topping his list is the local motorcycle club, the Seventh Sons. His biggest obstacle? Everyone swears the bikers are werewolves. The small-town residents are wary of provoking the MC, and the marshal's office is no exception.

Everything changes when a routine biker brawl turns fatal. Going against procedure, Maxim presses an enigmatic stranger for answers. But Diego de la Torre is running his own con. The outlaw deals in lies and legends, and no adversary can back him down. Not even the police.

It's too bad that nobody's above the law for Maxim. He's willing to risk his badge, and his life, to prove it.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Jason Jewett
hr min
December 18
Blood & Treasure

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highly unique, intricate and imaginative modern detective

I have to admit that at first glance this audiobook seems like it wouldn’t appeal to me. Even though there is a biker gang of werewolves. Mainly because of my preconceived notions about what a werewolf story should contain. That being gore, action, focusing on the werewolves and their destruction. I have a feeling this is not what I am going to get.

The Seventh Sons is a highly unique, intricate and imaginative modern detective / police procedural story that just happens to house werewolves.

Our protagonist is a police detective Maxim Dwyer, a very complex character. That is plagued with many demons, including the loss of his wife and possible alcoholism. He is determined to do the right thing no matter what. Really reminded me of David Hale from Sons of Anarchy.

Then there is our secondary protagonist, Diego, who seems like a simple lone biker trying to find his sister. Who was last known to be with one of the sons. Although there is much more to him than meets the eye.

One of my favorite aspects of this whole story was how werewolfism is transmitted and classified. Advanced rabies, yeah a disease. One that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) fully knows about and tracks.

I found the execution of The Seventh Sons to be on the slow side. Many times I thought I knew what was about to happen and I was dead wrong, leaving me satisfied that Finn had got me, I love it when this happens. Even though The Seventh Sons didn’t fully capture my imagination. It did show me a unique take on both master detective and werewolves that I do appreciate. I would recommend it to anyone who has become board with either genre.

The performance by Jason Jewett was one that I didn’t think would agree with me, at least this was my first impression. He delivers the story at an even pace, very little to no fluctuation of speed throughout. This in my mind was the only negative, it allowed my mind to wonder a bit when it shouldn’t have which forced me to rewind and re-listen to details I missed. He had decent enough characterizations, even a slight change is good enough for me.

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