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You already know Jesus is important, but do you know him as a person?

Do you ever feel you have only bits of his story and teachings in your head but want to understand it all from front to finish, including how it applies to you in this overwhelming age?

People learn and think differently today...and this book gets that.

Anyone can experience the joy, peace, and power of Christ like never before with this fresh approach to the life of the Master. This one-of-a-kind book was intentionally designed to meet the needs of modern adults and youth in the "Twitter era", including these features:

Nonjudgmental tone
Bite-sized chapters
Beautiful layout
Simple language but not simplistic
No knowledge of the Bible needed
Respectful toward skeptics
"As if you are there" experience with Jesus
Follows his life from birth to resurrection
Like a guided tour that clarifies language, culture, and scripture
Compares Christ's actions to realistic modern scenarios
Nondenominational; suitable for all listeners
And not too long!

Whether you're a lifelong Christian or dipping your toes in the water for the first time, this amazing book adapts to your needs and circumstances.

You'll feel the Spirit of God whisper how you can be blessed as you live closer to Christ and believe in him more deeply and rise above the swirling negativity in the news and social media. Feel God's love for you more than ever so that you can love your family and friends more effectively. Feel genuine peace.

Watch Jesus come alive in your life.

About the author:

R. Christian Bohlen has been involved in ministry and church leadership for over 30 years, including oversight of a prison ministry program, which is his signature cause as an author. He holds an M.S. degree in communications and has received multiple personal and team awards by creating enjoyable, effective learning experiences as a human performance improvement consultant and instructional designer.

Years ago, Christian served as a teacher in a school that served court-committed juveniles with drug and alcohol addictions and criminal convictions. This grueling experience was life-altering as he witnessed the human sufferings that come from a life without God. It was there that he first felt compelled to create an experience that would make the life and teachings of Jesus understandable and appealing for any listener from any background. 

Religion & Spirituality
R. Christian Bohlen
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February 26
Carpenter's Son Publishing, LLC