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Drama. Comedy. Thriller. Action. Jesus loves them all. And yes, even horror movies. Why? Because movies mean a lot to us. We quote them on the daily and they influence our lives. So, if Jesus loves us, don’t you think that movies would also mean a lot to him? Isn’t He supposed to be personal?

Cinema is a spiritual sanctuary. It can be a place of healing, a place where you can hear the validating voice of a personal and very present God.

Jesus Loves Movies provides you with 30 films that will draw you into a cinematic experience with the most creative director. Use this audiobook as a devotional, a guide, or in any way that you desire. May it show you that God is in everything. May it lighten your load and demonstrate to you that he is fun, interesting, and deep. May it open your senses to a side of God that the modern day church sometimes struggles to understand.

Written during a season of deep pain, grief, and injustice, analyses of the 30 films contained in Jesus Loves Movies will bring you to a secret movie space. A space where the most Holy One will adorn you with his peace, love, and restoration.

It’s time to sit back and relax, grab some popcorn, watch some movies, and get ready to experience God in a way that you were made to.

This is Phil Strangolagalli’s first book, and it was never planned.

Phil is recently married to his beautiful wife, Kathryn (the real Wonder Woman), and they don’t live far from the Daily Bugle. In Phil’s spare time you can find him taking long walks in the movie theater, teaching his wife about the complexity of film, and talking to strangers.

Phil is excited for how this book will reveal to you a side of Jesus that he believes people must know - an intimate, fun, actually very real God.

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Bob Dunsworth
hr min
March 15
Phil Strangolagalli

Customer Reviews

KLovesPeonies ,

Amazing read!

This voice and this book make for an incredible combination! So fun and so uplifting!!!

Nturn1 ,

Meaningful and Fun!

Jesus Loves Movies is a versatile book, and I appreciated that. Written in the form of a 30 day devotional, I found myself moving through the book much faster, appreciating each chapter as I went. Author Phil Strangolagalli's words are narrated here by the dynamic and engaging Bob Dunsworth, and I would gladly recommend this book to anybody in any season of life. For those who may take life a bit too seriously and are looking for a fun alternative, this book has it. For those who don't know where to begin, this book provides a fantastic and safe place to start moving. For those who have just taken a hard hit in life, the author clearly understands that and writes from a place of emotional sensitivity. And for those who want a creative, engaging 30 day devotional, then you have certainly found yourself in the right place! Phil's heart and passion are clearly interwoven with the words on these pages, and I believe that anyone can listen and receive from his work.