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Little Girl Blue is an intimate profile of Karen Carpenter, a girl from a modest Connecticut upbringing who became a Southern California superstar.

Karen was the instantly recognizable lead singer of the Carpenters. The top-selling American musical act of the 1970's, they delivered the love songs that defined a generation. Little Girl Blue reveals Karen's heartbreaking struggles with her mother, brother, and husband; the intimate disclosures she made to her closest friends; her love for playing drums and her frustrated quest for solo stardom; and the ups and downs of her treatment for anorexia nervosa. After her shocking death at 32 years of age in 1983, she became the proverbial poster child for that disorder; but the other causes of her decline are laid bare for the first time in this moving account.

Little Girl Blue is Karen Carpenter's definitive biography, based on exclusive interviews with her innermost circle of girlfriends and nearly 100 others, including childhood friends, professional associates, and lovers.

Biographies & Memoirs
Cheryl Bentyne
hr min
October 29
Randy L. Schmidt / Chicago Review Press

Customer Reviews

benoibe ,

Beautiful book. Heartbreaking memories...

This is a truly fantastic audiobook. I was not a fan of the Carpenters, as I was born in 79. I knew her only as the woman who died of anorexia.
This book captures the full woman! It made me curious! I love her work now. I have spent two days searching for all the live performances and music videos I can find from the early days of her career. She had such a special talent!!
Back to the book... Author does a good job of opening our eyes to her very amazing life! Also the story demonstrates the major pressures she had to put up with in her family! (Her mother was just awful, and her brother ended up pretty jealous of all the attention she got, as they got older. Richard Carpenter also called his sister chubby and pudgy, even though she was the perfect size.)
Highly recommended.

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