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Ten years ago we were the toast of the town.

Tanner's acting career had just begun. He was hotter than the stage lights and twice as captivating. The gorgeous Australian A-lister was everyone's teenage dream. And he'd picked me. Or so I thought, until he proved to be as false as everything else about Hollywood.

Now I've finally scored the perfect opportunity to star in a major film. The kicker? Tanner will be my costar. I don't know if I can do this one more time....

Right now we're the talk of the town.

Jenna's even more beautiful than she was the last time we were together. And just like before, I can't keep my hands off her. She still doesn't know the truth. The secret of what really happened back then.

Now I have the length of this shoot to convince her to rewrite our script. But if I have her one more time, will once ever be enough?

Erin Mallon, Rupert Channing
hr min
January 30
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Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,


Narrator Review:
I loved Erin Mallon and Rupert Channing! I’ve listened to Erin before and she is one I’ll auto buy for. Rupert is a new narrator to me and holy cow, that accent! It’s safe to say I highly recommend the audio version of this book.

Story Review:
Tanner and Jenna are formerly Janner to the public eye. When they were just kids, Jenna is already an accomplished super model and Tanner is the hot new actor in Hollywood. When they meet, sparks fly and despite their impossible schedules, they make a three year relationship work. That is until the paparazzi buts in.

Ten years later Jenna has managed to never run into Tanner after her humiliation of their break up. In all that time she has been trying to break into the acting scene. She’s starting to believe it will never happen when she gets the most amazing opportunity with a director who is successful breaking out new actors. Her dreams are finally coming true but there is just one little snag. Her co-star is non other than Tanner.

Tanner has never been able to get over Jenna. The paparazzi broke them up but he’s also stayed away to give Jenna a chance to break into acting. He’s always known it was her dream but felt she gave up her chance at opportunities to be with him. When it hasn’t happened for her ten years later, he’s determined to make it happen and get a second chance at her love.

Despite how much relationship angst is in this story, I still felt it was a fun, quick read. Tanner being an A list actor that should be full of confidence, was pretty comical with how much he stumbled his way back into Jenna’s life. The fake fight scene for the movie was entertaining and I like that we got to see these two get a do over and handle it the way they should have. This was a great audio book to listen too. Especially Rupert’s accent! Audible provided by author.

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