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In Season 12, Vol. 1, Millie and Doc meet their newest challenge head on, but Millie decides it may be time to sell her beloved General Store, restaurant, and hotel. Britt heads out of town on the trail of a dangerous outlaw and is soon joined by an unlikely helper, who promises more trouble than help. Meanwhile, Jacob returns to Clearmont having graduated college, but draws the ire of Cheyenne who is about to marry Laurel, but senses his fiancé may have eyes for the new lawyer instead. A death on a train sends Doc, Dawes, and Britt on the trail of a killer. And Britt, Levi, Andy, and Jacob face almost certain death when the MacMasters ranch is attacked by a large war party.

Six exciting adventures await you along the banks of the mighty Powder River in Season 12, Vol. 1 of CRT's long running western.   

Starring Jerry Robbins and The Colonial Radio Players.  

Episodes include: 

"Lighten the Burdens"
"Nothing Is Forever"
"Last Train From Kansas City"
"The Homecoming"
"The Left Hook"
"The Renegades"

Executive producer: Mark Vander Berg. Produced by Neil Gustin. Music by Jeffrey Gage. Written and directed by Jerry Robbins. Cover illustration by Jeff Hayes.  

Arts & Entertainment
The Colonial Radio Players, Jerry Robbins
hr min
March 30
The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air

Customer Reviews

tex 101 ,

I love powder river

I love powder river tycondiroga Sam and billy all for one. And the many other great stories jerry Robbins has written I’ve been listening to vol 1 then 2 and 3 and so on until this one I hope you keep the series going and I hope to see the next vol.2 and I hope to see season 13. So keep the romance and the marshal shooting

jacobehale ,

Powder River Season 12 Vol. 1

Love Powder River. Waited forever for this season. When’s the next season?👍🏽

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