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This performance features more exciting adventures along the mighty Powder River in Clearmont, Wyoming in 1877. Bank robberies, cattle rustling, suspense, mystery, and plenty of double-barreled action are here, in 15 episodes of this popular western series, heard on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Join Marshal Britt MacMasters, his son Chad, Doc Harrington, Sheriff Dawes, Millie, Sandy, Clay Tucker, and all the folks of Clearmont, Wyoming, as you get swept up into the action with the Colonial Radio Theatre’s Powder River.

Arts & Entertainment
Jerry Robbins, Derek Aalerud, The Colonial Radio Players
hr min
April 10
The Colonial Radio Theatre on Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

PadgettFam6 ,

Powder River Season 3

Highly recommend! Great family friendly listening. We love it! Can't wait to listen to the other seasons

NKHug ,

Great program

One of the best radio dramas out there. Thanks JR and CRT.

Jack Clipper ,

Swirling the drain

Well if you've come this far, you either are a glutton for punishment or you actually like this program. I listen to this while I travel, but each episode grows more and more infuriating because its situations are more and more stupid.

The townsfolk are stupid, save the main characters... no really. It is as if they generate an intelligence field and the further away the characters are from the McMaster's family the more naive, simple-minded they become.

I think of the line from Blazing Saddles. "These are the people of the land, the common clay of this great nation. You know... morons."

The Villains as all bluster and brainless twits. Someone should tell Jerry Robbins to drop the BIG BOOK OF WESTERN CLICHES he uses for each bloody episode and create something original.

Turn away now, its not worth the 3 Dollars pilgrim. Go to a used book store and buy L'Amour or Elmore Leonard.

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