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High school, junior year, and Emma is barely getting by, head down as she stays low on the social radar. Sadie, her best friend and constant companion, craves attention and understanding as much as Emma does. The two of them find strength and comfort in their friendship while surviving one crisis after another. Thing is, Sadie only weighs four pounds, stands ten inches tall and talks to Emma by barking. Until Emma notices something very unusual - Sadie displays a high degree of intelligence. Way intelligent. As in Emma and her learn how to communicate intelligent. Just the two of them, by jointly creating a special language only they know. Way special. Emma soon realizes the benefits of owning an intelligent dog with superior senses. Hiding Sadie in a converted purse sure makes for loads of classroom hijinks. Follow their story as the two risk discovery, an unexpected family tragedy, dog fighting, puppy mills and a glimpse into the secret world of canines through Sadie’s senses. This is Sadie’s challenge, a dog enduring her own teenage angst, struggling to find respect and acceptance in human society. Sadie Sapiens blends the pleasures and pains of a dog and young woman growing up together, proving that some bonds are strong enough to survive across species.

Kids & Young Adults
Paula Slade
hr min
November 18
Jeff T Bauer

Customer Reviews

Sapphire Reader ,

Sadie is a non-stop Dog!

Sadie Sapiens by Jeff Bauer was nothing what I ever expected. Actually, it was a lot better. This was one full book and being written by a man was so pleasing that he covered so many emotions in one book. Not that a man can’t write like this. It was just refreshing. All the characters in this book make you laugh, cry, want to get angry and sigh at the end when the story takes you full circle. Well, almost full circle. The ending leaves you making your own continuing story unless this is the author’s way of a future book featuring Sadie. However, it is a stand-alone read/listen.

Emma is a young teen that in the beginning of the book loses her family pet due to old age. Her mother decides on her own to bring home a new dog for Emma. Emma was not thrilled. Actually, she was downright angry with the new dog. To boot a tiny Chihuahua and what was she going to do with this tiny dog. She just wanted to get thru her final years of high school and go on to college. Due to circumstances she changes her mind. Jeff Bauer, builds a loving and incredible bond between Emma and Sadie. One that her mother thinks is to close. She promises not to spend so much time with her. Then her dad get sick and her brother as her parents say is him growing up. But, Emma knows better.
Emma goes through everything that every teen normally goes thru. Best friend, wanting to be noticed by the most popular boy in school, getting through high school with good grades and go away to college. Jeff makes her character a strong one. She is smart, independent, motivator and Sadie’s best friend and teacher. Sadie is a special dog. Talents that even Sadie herself is surprised that she has. One that does not go past her brother’s notice. Emma’s brother is the typical “you don’t understand me” teenager. Emma’s mothers strong willed personality that leaves you wanting Emma to say “Will you just listen for a minute!” Emma’s friend Amy and her dizzy personality of the friend that’s mouth is going before her brain. Finally, Emma’s boyfriend a loving and caring person even with Sadie.

What this story does not leave you is bored. I couldn’t wait to get to the new chapter to see what will happen in Sadie’s life. Yes the dog. Her constant little life goes from one extreme to another and as Jeff puts her thru the paces you wonder how she is such a survivor. Unfortunately, he does hit some sensitive topics throughout the book. I was almost afraid to continue but, glad that I did. This 10 hr+ audio was worth the listen.

Paula Slade, narrator, at the beginning I was not excited over her. Thought her voice was too old and mellow but, she definitely proved me wrong. As the story really started to warm up so did she. Her change from female to male voices was impeccable. I commend her for this. I will look forward to other books that she narrates. She is added to my growing list of narrators to watch out for.
I thought the cover was really cute and as you read or listen to this book you will find out why she is wearing glasses and why her last name is Sapiens.

I recommend this book from teen to 70+. It is a well written, fun adventure for dog lovers or those looking for a really good book.

This book was provided to me by the author. All views above are mine and in no way was I influence by others. Thanks for reading and do welcome comments.