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New York Times and USA Today best-selling series

After burying herself in life and work to get over Sebastian, Talia's much-needed vacation to Martha's Vineyard turns deadly. She'll have to work fast to discover the killer before he strikes again. If only she had someone like Mister Black to back her up....

Mister Black swept in and out of my life like a tornado, leaving me twisted up and forever changed in his wake. 

And now that my life is finally back on track, I need to move on, despite the many reminders of our time together. 

But our pasts are only as far away as the shadows we hide behind, and sometimes those shadows grow darker, converging on the present in the most insidious way. 

He is Black: a stealthy hunter and rainbow master. 

I am Red: a truth seeker and desire keeper.

Together we are obsession. Passionate colors destined to be drawn together. 

Dear Listeners: Scarlett Red is part two in Sebastian and Talia’s epic love story. It is novel-length, as are the rest of the books in the series. Sebastian and Talia’s happily-ever-after is contained within books 1-3 and must be read in the following order: Mister Black, Scarlett Red, and Blackest Red. Cass and Calder’s equally epic love story follows in books 4-5 with Gold Shimmer and Steel Rush. Be sure to read books 4-5, since you’ll also get to visit with Sebastian and Talia as they play key roles in Cass and Calder’s story before you dive into book 6, Black Platinum, an all-new stand-alone Sebastian and Talia passionate adventure. 

Note: Scarlett Red is meant for readers 18+ due to mature content. 

In the Shadows Series: 

Now Available:

Mister Black (1) (Sebastian & Talia Part 1, novella) 
Scarlett Red (2) (Sebastian & Talia Part 2, novel) 
Blackest Red (3) (Sebastian & Talia Part 3, novel) 
Gold Shimmer (4) (Cass & Calder Part 1, novel) 
Steel Rush (5) (Cass & Calder Part 2, novel) 
Black Platinum (6) (Sebastian & Talia, stand-alone novel) 
Reddest Black (7) (Sebastian & Talia, stand-alone novel) 

Coming Soon:

Blood Rose (8) (Cass & Calder, stand-alone novel) - June 2018 

Kirsten Leigh, Lee Samuels
hr min
March 14
Limitless Ink Press

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