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"Hold a woman spellbound...without saying a word." A guy walks into a bar and says...nothing. Twenty minutes later, he's walking out with an attractive woman on his arm. You've seen it happen. And you've probably asked yourself, "What's the secret?" I'm going to tell you. In this book, you'll learn the secret to body language seduction- a method of picking up attractive women that is extremely powerful, yet incredibly easy to master. You'll learn things like...

The single most important thing you can do to make yourself more attractive to women! This "primal" technique and has been around for thousands of years...yet very few men know about it today.
How to use body language to create a strong emotional connection with women that is so powerful, they won't be able to control their attraction to you.
A slight change you can make to your posture, which will make women approach you.
A "secret signal" learned from politicians, which immediately builds rapport and trust...especially with women. (I call this the "Bill Clinton" move.)
How standing a certain way will make women seek your approval. When you use this, you'll seduce women without saying anything. But do it wrong and you'll actually repel women.
How to get into a deep, soul-connecting rapport with the women you approach...every time.
A female "pleasure trigger" you can silently activate within 20 seconds of your first interaction with a woman.
The incredible "seduction success patterns" which actually give physically unattractive men a huge romantic advantage over good-looking guys! (Rock stars have used this forever...just ask Mick Jagger!)
Female "flirting signals" which 95% of men don't recognize...and how you can use them to your advantage.
The most important (and most overlooked) body language seduction skill a man must have if he wants to approach a truly desirable woman... and... have any chance of success. (Women will overlook everything else except this.)

While other men will be stumbling over themselves to come up with the perfect opener, you'll get the attention of women simply by walking in the room... Stephen Lee Edwards is a former political consultant who specializes in how to influence people using non-verbal communication. He is based in Washington, DC.

Ron Phillips
hr min
February 26

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