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Our most cherished times are those occasions when we feel open, loving, free of worry yet able to respond when needed. Loch Kelly calls this the expression of open-hearted awareness, our natural foundation of mind that arises effortlessly whenever we step out of the usual mode of consciousness known as ego-identification. Created as a stand-alone program or a complement to his book of the same name, Shift into Freedom is a progressive training guide that offers "small glimpses, many times" to help us shift out of our chattering mind and into who we really are.

Join this innovative teacher to explore more than 20 meditations including:
Awareness Yoga - a foundational practice in moving awareness
Embodied Presence - a practice for deeply feeling unity and acceptance
Unhook, Drop, Open, See, Include, Know, Let Be - a way to shift levels of mind that culminates in living from open-hearted awareness

"The goal of these meditations is not to transcend the human condition," explains Loch Kelly, "but to discover how to live a fully intimate human life." Shift into Freedom gives you the tools to navigate your life with clarity and unconditional love.

Loch Kelly
hr min
September 1
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L1feOnM4rs ,

Expert Guidance, Effortless Awareness

I cannot overstate the value of the guided meditations and “glimpses” that Loch Kelly provides in this audiobook. These brief exercises are at once incredibly simple and deeply profound. They will undoubtedly benefit beginner and experienced meditators alike. The training that Loch provides in this audiobook, and in the accompanying book of the same title is the sort of thing one expects can only be found in the mountains of Nepal, teachings reserved for the advanced student who has spent years scrubbing temple floors and sitting in silence. But no, here are the teachings and instructions for $10.95 on iTunes!

Honestly, listening to and practicing Loch’s exercises for a few short sessions has saved me years of searching, seeking, and meditating waiting for something special to happen. As you’ll discover, greater awareness, awareness, compassion and understanding are closer than you think. Highly recommended

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