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Are you thinking about starting a business but are confused by the taxes?

Do you already own a business and need to know the tax repercussions of having employees versus outsourcing to contractors?

Are you confused on depreciation and how to use it to your tax advantage?

Not sure which accounting software to use?

Do you need an accountant or can you do your taxes yourself?

Find the answers to these questions and more!

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your mind. Worries consist of how to increase sales, how much inventory to keep, and whether or not to rent office space. While these concerns are important, they're not as important as managing your taxes, which is an aspect of your small business that involves both profitability and legal compliance issues. If you don't handle your small business's taxes correctly, you can count on the almighty Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to come knocking, nay, banging at your small business's door to make things really hard and costly for you. That's why consistent and efficient tax management for your small business is something that you need to learn.

In this book you will learn:

How to manage your small business taxes
How to improve your standing with the almighty IRS
How to maximize your profits
Which business structure is best for you?
How your choice of business structure will affect your taxes
How to plan tax management
The different types of taxes your business will have to pay
How your chose of accounting methods can change your tax implications
Whether not to hire a professional
The basic elements of computing for your business income tax returns

In addition, this book features a lengthy discussion on the issue of depreciation and how to maximize that as a tax-deductible expense. You'll learn how to manage your small business's payroll taxes, should you decide to or are already employing people to help you run your business. This is another crucial area where most small business owners tend to struggle with and often need assistance in.

Don't wait until the IRS starts knocking - or banging - down your small business's doors before you take action. Learn how to manage your small business's taxes effectively and continue staying on the good side of the IRS!

Business & Personal Finance
Rich Brennan
hr min
March 13
Open Spirit Publishing, LLC

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