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Christy Barnett is sleeping when her aging German shepherd Molly growls into the darkness outside her bedroom. She wakes to a dim glow provided by her Kindle's screen, thankful that she had fallen asleep while reading again. The power has gone out, the world outside her window is eerily dark and silent. And Molly is weary of something that waits in the hallway, hiding in the shadows.

A dark cloud has fallen over the city of Aberdeen, MD. The population disappears in an instant. For the handful of survivors, those lucky enough to have a light source not connected to the power grid, it's more than terrifying. They're left alone, walking through a nightmare, and that is a fate that could be worse than death itself. The darkness is alive and it is the reason we fear the night.

Robert Martinez
hr min
August 2
Jason Brant

Customer Reviews

CoralNicole331 ,

Suspenseful and thrilling!

This book was fantastic! Jason Brant's writing style is captivating and clever, and his witty lines often left me chuckling. He does a great job balancing plot with an entertaining stream of consciousness for each character. The way he brought the story-lines of each character together was seamless. I listened to the audiobook version of the novel, and absolutely loved it. It was my first time ever listening to an audiobook, but with a long drive home from the holidays ahead of me, it was the perfect time to try it. The narrator did an amazing job emphasizing tone and capturing the emotions of the story. The voices he created for each character seemed to match their descriptions perfectly, and really brought the tale to life. There were even some neat voice effects thrown in that really added an extra element that I didn't expect with an audiobook. This novel was full of suspense and action, and the narrator did a great job keeping me on the edge of my seat. I felt like I was right there with the characters! I thoroughly enjoyed this - I didn't want to the story to end!

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