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"If you follow my instructions you will be a happy non-smoker for the rest of your life." That’s a strong claim from Allen Carr, but as the world’s leading quit smoking expert, Allen was right to boast!

This classic guide to the world’s most successful stop smoking method is all you need to quit up smoking. You can even smoke while you listen. There are no scare tactics, you will not gain weight and stopping will not feel like deprivation. If you want to kick the habit then go for it.

Allen Carr has helped millions of people become happy non-smokers. His unique method removes your psychological dependence on cigarettes and literally sets you free. Accept no substitute. Ten million people can’t be wrong.

Duncan Wells
hr min
November 6
Arcturus Publishing

Customer Reviews

Louis SK. ,

Excellent aide to quit!

From about 40 a day to 0. 3 smoke free weeks have passed and looking back with this audiobook it was far easier than I ever imagined!

Cuh-Laire Parker ,

game changer

I’m 24 and started smoking when I was around 15. By the time I was in my 20s I was smoking half a pack to a pack a day. I tried patches and gum several times with no success. I bought the physical copy of this book about 2 years ago but never got too far. From what I did read, though, I could tell Allen Carr knew what he was talking about and it was the first time I felt like someone understood my struggle and relationship with smoking. Recently I discovered this book was available in audio book form which is perfect for a long commute and my lack of desire to read the book. I’m happy to announce I’m 7 weeks free! This is the longest I’ve gone without nicotine since I first started smoking and I actually love and enjoy not smoking.

pawblo1 ,

Amazing, Best kept secret to quitting!

Used this meathod after several failed attempts to quit smoking, over a 18 year habit. Not only did I quit successfully, and permanently ( now going on 13 years) but i have several friends that also used this book to quit too. 8 people in total!

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