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In What's Your Story? Using Stories to Ignite Performance and Be More Successful, author, entrepreneur, professor, and master story teller Craig Wortmann demonstrates the powerful impact stories have on the three most common performance challenges: leadership, strategic selling, and motivation. While the technique of telling stories is the oldest form of communication, it's also the one form that rises above the din of our information-saturated environment and delivers messages in a way that connects with people, bringing ideas to life and making them actionable and memorable.

Leaders of all levels will learn how to use the toolset developed in this book; the Win Book, Story Matrix and Story Coach to capture and tell the right stories at the right time to inspire their own performance and the performance of those around them. Through real-life scenarios, illustrations, quotations, tools and examples, Wortmann guides readers through the process of uncovering their stories.

Business & Personal Finance
Craig Wortmann
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May 14
Craig Wortmann

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Fight for us ,

A perfect tool for just about anybody

There are so many videos, books, magazines, and classes that are made to show you subtle movements and tricks of the trade to giving a good presentation. Then there are several million other books teaching you how to sell a good product. And then you can find cartloads more showing you how to impress a client.

What makes Professor Wortmann's book great, is that he makes it simple. By explaining how and when to use stories, and by telling stories at the correct places and time, he makes the process of selling, impressing, and speaking so much more straightforward. Ultimately, there are just so many strategies for and tips for doing all of these things, and telling stories is a great one.

Wortmann does this in a few parts. He first establishes the importance of stories by using real examples and then he gives suggestions of how to apply it into our own lives, which was my favorite portion of the book.

He introduces the idea of the "Win book", the "story matrix" and the "story coach". All powerful tools in crafting and organizing ideas.

The ending is simply brilliant. We get to see the stories in action. The book allows us to follow the day and life of a businessperson and we get to see how this person uses stories in life to be successful.

All in all, I do believe the lessons I learn here will help me in the future, whatever profession I have, although certainly if business is the route.

ASR48067 ,

Going Further & Inspirational

I decided to pick up this book after attending one of Craig's classes, Entrepreneurial Selling, at University of Chicago Booth. I currently have been at a Fortune 10 company for the last 5 years and find that anybody from the entry level candidate to the CEO can find the messages and skills offered in the book incredibly useful. I decided to purchase additional copies of this book and provided it to multiple individuals who have inspired me and taken the time to mentor a young professional. Their feedback was very similar to mine and have implemented a lot of the book's best practices. The story that resonated particularly well with me was the birth of his son, his positive spin on the situation, and incredible takeaway. Both after sitting in on one class and reading his book Craig responded to my email questions. This is an individual who goes further for his students and his readers. Very well done!

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