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Life on the run is no winter picnic, especially when Aurora's partner sees himself as the sheriff, not the outlaw.

It's a cat-and-mouse game across the Last Frontier, with agents and vampires out for blood while Fane searches desperately to find Aurora before rogue vampires do.

The hunters have become the hunted. And the road to freedom has never felt more uncertain.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Em Eldridge, Sean Peck
hr min
November 25
Nikki Jefford

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Whiteout by Nikki Jefford is the fifth novel in a series called Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter. Aurora Sky, her somewhat partner Dante, and an icy foe-turned-ally vampire Giselle are on the run in frozen Alaska. After getting away from a dangerous enemy vampire and uncovering that the clandestine agency that Dante and Aurora work for is corrupt, they fled, unsure of who was on their side. Dante wants to clean the agency of it corruption, while Giselle only wants to destroy her enemy. And Aurora is stuck between her two companions, while only wanting only to return to the man she loves. They travel the remote and frozen lands of Alaska attempting to formulate a plan and figure out a way to outsmart their enemies.

As this is the fifth novel in a series, I think any reader needs to read the previous books in the series for the plot to make sense. There was not much recap and I imagine a newcomer to the series would be confused, even with some of the details that are interspersed throughout the novel. I personally liked this novel less than the preceding ones. However, there were definitely positive aspects. Ultimately, in this novel Aurora is coming into her own as her post-hunter self. Also, Aurora’s and Fane’s relationship is finally clarified to the satisfaction of the reader. One aspect of this novel that is different from the previous novels is the added Fane’s point of view sections as he looks for Aurora. It was really interesting to see how he thinks. However, I struggled with the focus of the novel, I felt that the characters had a mission, but they kept getting side tracked with other vampires. A testament to the author is that these side tracks were ultimately moving the plot forward and contributed to the end of the novel seamlessly. But they weren’t presented as the main objective in the novel, which made them frustrating. I also didn’t like the dynamic between Aurora and Dante in this novel. The reader heard a lot of Aurora’s irritation toward Dante, but she rarely relayed that to Dante. This made it seem like she wasn’t standing up for herself at all. This might have been present previously, but because their relationship was such a major part of the story, it stuck out.

The narration by Em Eldridge was great as usual. There were fewer characters that she had to voice, but she was consistent with each character and consistent with their voices from the previous novel. Sean Peck narrated Fane’s point of view and did a great job as well. The voices were rougher than I heard through Em Eldridge’s narration, but this was easy to overcome. The production quality was good as well. I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes young adult paranormal vampire stories with a unique premise.

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