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It would be so much easier if they'd just pick up the phone and call you, wouldn't it? That's what Alan Berg hears from wedding and event pros around the world. However, in the real world you're more likely to get digital inquiries through email, a website contact form, text, live chat, social media messaging, and WhatsApp than through a phone call.  

How can you create a rapport, continue the conversation they've already started, and in many cases even get the sale, without speaking with them on the phone, or in person? That's what Alan will answer for you in this book. He'll show you how to get them to reply quicker, and how you can convert those inquiries to appointments - whether live or virtual - and even make sales, all using the same method they used to reach out.

Alan will show you his eight tips for converting wedding and event inquiries into sales. You'll see how using the right tone, energy, and format can make all the difference. And he'll give you a few simple tips that will have them replying to messages that they currently ignore.

Lastly, there are real examples of conversations that wedding and event businesses, just like yours, have used to get appointments and sales, all without a phone call. And there's more bonus material in the book and on Alan's site.

Want to know if this will work for you? Here's what other businesses have written after using Alan's techniques:

"In the past few weeks, I have already experienced positive results from utilizing some of the techniques Alan suggested."

"I am pleased to say we've been getting a lot more responsiveness to our inquiry emails since we changed the language."

"I immediately put the tips you gave into practice and am seeing more follow-up emails which will hopefully turn into more business."

Recorded by the author at Andover Textile Studios in New Jersey.

Business & Personal Finance
Alan Berg, CSP
hr min
April 17
Left of Center Marketing & Publishing

Customer Reviews

Lexus Driver i350 ,

Great audiobook

Alan, gives very good practical real world information. Most of the examples in his audio book have happened to me in my business.
In listening to his audiobook I realized what I’m doing right and I’m aware of what I’ve been doing wrong.
I wish I had his business advise years ago. If you are in the wedding or event business this book or audiobook should not only in be in your library it should be reviewed again and again from time to time.
I prefer the audio book because I can listen over and over and make the time I spend in the car more productive.

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