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Leadership is a hot topic, as more and more books are available on the subject than ever before. The single keyword leadership offers up more than 640 million search results on Google alone, and via the Internet we can access leadership courses (like mine on Udemy.com) and online information more quickly and easily than ever before. Yet we have a severe lack of leadership in most areas of government, business, and even nonprofit organizations.

So why is that? It is a lack of follow-through, plain and simple. This book is about putting what we learn into practice, and that is a hallmark of leadership fundamentals. Whenever we feel frustrated or life seems to be spinning out of control, we need to get back to the basics of why we're living. Is it based on the fundamentals of living a selfless life as a service-minded person?

"Life and people aren't out to get you, but your approach to life and approach to people are."

We can get so distracted by things in life that we forget about what is seminally true. It is always about the fundamentals in work, life, sports, faith, and relationships. We can easily allow ourselves to become distracted by all kinds of things that really don't matter, and most of the time a return to the fundamentals brings us back into balance and peace in our lives.

The book is divided into four parts:

Part 1: To serve or not to serve. The choice is indeed a tough one.

Part 2: Leggo my ego. Addresses the challenge of needing an ego to lead but having that harnessed so it is not unwieldy.

Part 3: The danger of persona non grata. You don't want to be the unwelcome person, do you?

Part 4: Fierce competition steamrolls ahead. Organization competition is heating up and shows no signs of slowing. Will you ride the wave or be pulled under by the currents?

To discover why servant leadership is frustrating and learn practical principles for your leadership journey, listen to a sample or purchase Why Leadership Sucks, Volume 2 now.

Miles Anthony Smith
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October 26
Kompelling Publishing