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Geoffrey has been called a lot of things: warrior, werewolf killer, slave, lover…vampire…soulless. They are all the truth. He's killed hundreds, possibly even thousands of people without a single regret, but that's only part of the truth.

This is the story of the one and only person who called Geoffrey father, the story of an orphan that Geoffrey took in and raised, the girl who would become the woman that he would sacrifice everything for.

This is Lucy's story.

Publisher's Note: Those new to the Eldon Murphy Reflections series should start with The Greater Darkness.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 8
Fir'shan Publishing
Dean Murray
Grades 9-17

Customer Reviews

ABBK8908 ,


I almost didn't read this book. I had read the first book of the series and honestly the main characters weren't doing it for me. BUT if you've ever read anything by this author then you know how he can convince you to love even the most unloveable of characters. I couldn't put the book down. I love how the first half of the book is laid out in journal entries which allows the reader to get in the mind of each character. I have mentioned it in earlier reviews of other books from this series but I'll say it again here: this is not your cheesy vampire novel. This is action packed conflict and resolution reading. This book made me appreciate book one a lot more as well.

Luvtoread! ,

A Darkness Mirrored

How in the world does the Author keep, all the story lines straight? Usually I can find one contradiction and at least a few misspelled words in most books I read.. This has not been the case with any of Dean"s stories, and that's with him weaving in and out his last stories...I don't know how he does it! I can't wait to read what happens next to Lucy!!! If you have not read Broken, Torn and the rest of the series I strongly encourage you to do so! You will not be disappointed!!!

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