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From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters comes a heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat gripping, romantic suspense. 

I should feel shame for not wanting this to end, but he doesn’t want it to end either. 

When the darkness sets in, the flames all flickered out, and the loud click of the locks signal it’s over, that’s when reality comes back. 

The war. The drugs.  All of the lies that leave a tangled web for me to get lost in. 

I don’t want any of it. 

I only want him.  Jase Cross.  My enemy.  And yet, the only person I trust.   

With broad shoulders and a smoldering look in his dark eyes, Jase is a man born to be powerful. 

I shouldn’t give him more power than he already has. 

Jase Cross will be my downfall.

Fiction & Literature
April 9
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Mikie99 ,

Roller Coaster

Talk about a roller coaster of emotion! I constantly warred with myself over devouring the story or throwing my Kindle. Ultimately I devoured it and it consumed me. These two just consumed and decimated me, leaving me both exhausted and energized for the next installment. Some of her best work to date.

Szmoromou ,

The Plot Thickens

The plot thickens in A Single Kiss, Book 2 of the Irresistible Attraction Series. Jase and Bethany's relationship is becoming more complicated as they both struggle with how they feel for one another. There is this pull that they both cannot deny but both do not want to admit. Bethany continues to mourn the loss of her sister, recalling each moment she and Jenny shared. Questioning what went wrong and how she let her sister's life get so out of control. Bethany is also trying to make sense of her feelings for Jase. She finally started to let go and feel, but the messages hidden from Jenny in the Coverless Book leaves a bad taste in her mouth and poor Bethany doesn't know who to trust. Feeling lost and confused she starts to shut herself off of Jase, but attraction and desire has a funny way of making it all change.
Jase is struggling with keeping secrets from Bethany. He knows that if she ever finds out, he will lose her forever. A big discovery could change everything for Bethany, but Jase can't give her that kind of hope until he sees for himself that it is true. Little by little, Jase's self control is diminishing as his past ghosts and regrets are slowly creeping up. Bethany knows that there are two sides to Jase, and she is willing to overlook the side she hates. That is until she walks in on him at his worst and she realizes the man she has fallen for is so much worse. Can Jase get Bethany back? Will the choice Bethany made change her future?
A Single Kiss was exciting, thrilling, emotional, sizzling hot, with many twists and turns. My heart hurts for Jase and Bethany because they truly complete each other. Their pride and constant need for control stops them from being together completely. I can not wait for the third installment and what Willow Winter's has in store for Jase and Bethany.

2g3 ,


This is an amazing book and an excellent series. It’s the second book in this series and the story of Jase and Bethany. It has extra hot chemistry, mystery and intrigue. Willow Winters does a phenomenal job. With all her books, you’re drawn in and feel like you’re right there with the characters. You feel all of their emotions! A Single Kiss is a page-turning, heart-pounding, can’t read it fast enough kind of book! If you haven’t read her previous books, you’re missing out. They’re all great, but if you’re looking for a great series to read, this is it!

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