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My name is Ellie Winters, and I’m one of those unfortunate women you hear about on the news—but you never think my fate will ever happen to you. Not that I blame you for believing that. Honestly, I thought the same thing, until I became a statistic, a missing person who was assumed dead. Wrong place, wrong time. 

Except…I’m not dead. Not yet. I was kidnapped, shackled, beaten, and deprived of the basic necessities, and pretty much left to find a slow, painful demise. I’m hanging on, but just barely. I’m not even sure what I’m waiting for since there’s no hope for me, nobody waiting for me. I had finally given up, resigned myself to my inevitable death…when the one man who could make me want to live again finds me more dead than alive. After so many months in captivity, I’m lost, hopelessly damaged. Is it even possible for me to come out of the darkness and into the light again? 

Zane Colter challenges me to live again, laugh again, live my life again. But I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the same woman I was before I was held captive by a madman. Yet, he doesn’t give up, and I couldn’t ignore the white-hot passion that sizzled between the two of us. 

He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, everything I’ve always needed. 

Tender--but stubborn. 

Logical--but understanding. 

Sweet--but hot, demanding and possessive. 

As we fall into each other, both hungry for a passion we’ve never known, I wonder if I can be what Zane needs when I’m struggling to find myself again. 

And when I’m finally healed, I’ll have a choice to make: Do I try to hang onto him forever, or will letting go be my only option?... 

Disclaimer: This book is not suitable for children and young teens. 18+ only.

June 7
Golden Unicorn Enterprises Inc
Golden Unicorn Enterprises Inc

Customer Reviews

bgkittkat ,

Great story, but shorter than I would have liked

Loved the story, and felt the characters were well developed and likable. The only reason I took off a star was because at under 200 pages this book felt a little quickly paced. While this didn't affect the quality of the story, I wouldn't have minded if the author had slowed down a little and given more details. All in all though a great read!

Reebeel ,

Loved it!

One thing about this author is that all those misunderstandings and lack of communication is not necessary in order to create a great story.. This book was definitely a page turner and in fact I read it in one day ... A nice read when you want a real love story ... Worth it ...

jami-j ,

Nerdy and HAWT

AMAZING!! J.S. Scott has another fabulous book . I truly love all of her books and cannot wait until the next one arrives.
Billionaire Undaunted-The Billionaires Obsession-Zane, picks up where the previous book ended. While Chloe and Gabe are on their honeymoon, Zane promised his sister he would find her best friend Ellie. Chloe fears that her ex fiancé James has done something awful to Ellie. Zane searches everywhere for Ellie and is about to lose hope when he discovers Ellie. Ellie is not well and being left alone for so long, and has Zane worried that the many years of secretly having feelings for her are not going to ever be validated. When Zane gets her the help that is needed, he never leaves her side and she thinks it's because he found her.not that he has feelings for her as well....little did he know Ellie has some of the same feelings . While Ellie recovers they discover the things they have in common and the connection that is there after all these years being friends. Zane goes to some extreme measures to make sure Ellie is taken care of and puts Ellie's independence to the test. She is a loner and doesn't need anyone. She can take care of herself. Colters are just the opposite.....they control and take care of their own.... This story has many turns and obstacles that arise and will keep you guessing until the end. Will true love prevail or are there too many differences that get in the way? This is a book you will not put down as this story unfolds. Zane the nerdy scientist is now one of my favorites in J. S. Scotts continuing series and you too will see it when to read this fabulous story.

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