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 In 1715, after a three-year battle with the King’s Bench, Dr. Michael Neville was victorious.  It was determined by the Chief Justice.

 "Since a woman is man’s possession, he is legally entitled to use whatever means to enforce his rights to his wife’s body.  If necessary, spankings, whipping and enforced bondage of the female is all within the rights of the husband to fulfill his natural pleasure that God has bestowed upon him."

 Dr. Neville entitled his concept based on this ruling Philosophy of Lust, and he began to flesh out his Philosophy of Lust into greater detail.  His main thrust was for him to provide not only the aristocrats a wife, but Dr. Neville would also provide the necessary training to make each woman into the true submissive that would find her calling to bring man sexual pleasure in any manner he desired.  All sexual preferences would be allowed and encouraged.  The price would be princely, but he wasn’t bringing the aristocrats the whores in the gentlemen’s clubs.  The women he’d provide would be innocent and naïve yet submissive. 


It would take a while to get men to part with their money, but Dr. Neville would give them a peek into their future.  He would hold private physical examinations of the women in his poor houses for those that could afford the price of admission.  Bondage was standard procedure, but it was also taught that complete surrender was an alternative.  This would be a sought-after ability for the men that got their pleasure strictly in domination.

 He’d bet his fortune on that outcome.  He started ten establishments that took in only young women eighteen and over.  He found many of them beautiful but unsophisticated.  Beauty and body was a critical input in his selection.  He was left with one hundred females.  It was time to recoup his investment.

Would the aristocrats part with their money to get young, innocent and submissive?  Would the remaining women of the orphanages be willing to give up their innocence to live a life that they only heard of?

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April 2
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