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When Cassie's twin sister, Lissa, commits suicide, Cassie discovers she can travel to Hell to retrieve her sister's soul. Cassie thought she knew all about the Hell of legend, but finds Hell has evolved over the millennia into a bustling city full of the damned with looming skyscrapers, crowded streets, systemized evil, and atrocity as the status quo.

Welcome to the Mephistopolis
Hell is a city.
It stretches, literally, without end–a labyrinth of smoke and waking nightmare. Just as endlessly, sewer grates belch flame from the sulphur fires that have raged beneath the streets for millennia. Clock towers spire in every district, by public law, but their faces have no hands; time is not measured here in seconds or hours but in atrocity and despair. In the center of this morass of stone and smoke and butchery and horror stands the 666-floor Mephisto Building, where Gargoyles prowl the wind-blown ledges and from whose highest garrets the innocent are hung from gibbets and left to rot for eons. The lone occupant of the very top floor looks down upon his dominion and smiles a smile that is brighter than a thousand suns. Here, yes, everyone is dead yet everyone lives forever.
Welcome to the Mephistopolis.
Welcome to the city of Hell.

Fiction & Literature
June 25
Necro Publications
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Customer Reviews

Ash Sangre ,

Literary Genius

This book without a doubt gives the best view of hell from a readers perspective. The writing is so crafty and extremely well written. I couldn't put it down when I got it. And all honesty I've read it about 40 times. This is and will always be my most favorite horror novel. Edward Lee is a master.

Darth Ends ,

Fun little journey to hell

A pretty light read and fantastically vivid image of a "modern" city of Hell. It can be a little corny at times, and this is more action-packed/grotesque than scary - especially any parts with the Blackwell character - but, I had a great time reading it!

Gir =X ,

Favorite book ever

I've read this book countless times & it never gets old. A true masterpiece.

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