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A royal curse. A battle for the throne. A jealous princess.

All Annabelle wants is to become Queen of the Wolves. She knows she'd be better at ruling over the Kingdom of Cambria than her brother. Alexander doesn't have it in him to be ruthless. He's spent more time partying in the human and werewolf worlds than doing anything else. He can't even decide on a girl to marry so he can become King.

A war over his heart.

With the King getting sicker by the day, Queen Charlotte forces Alexander to choose five girls who will try to win over his heart. Anabelle vows to make sure none of them will. She won't let anything distract her--not even Eric, the sexy forbidden servant to the Royal Court who's stolen her heart.

A werewolf prince. Five friends. One invitation.

Out of a group of friends, one girl will receive an invitation to become Alexander's Option. The invitation will change the lives of both her and her friends, who are about to become her lady's maids whether they want to or not.

But who will be the lucky (or not so lucky) girl? Nova, who already has her heart set on Carter, even though his sister, Sheridan, and a pack of werewolves are standing in the way? Sheridan, who would never want to fight for a guy's attention? Kaylee, who's sworn off dating until college? Lucy, who's already someone's dirty little secret? Or Ember, who refuses to let Nova steal the love of her life away from her?

They don't know their lives depend on the Prince.

The fight to stay alive begins.

Journey with them through the Kingdom of Cambria where love, jealousy, deceit, and betrayals unfold.

Young Adult
July 23
Morse Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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