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In this sizzling novella in the fan favorite Love Between the Bases series, love is about to throw a serious curveball… 

For Hall-of-Famer Crush Taylor, retirement is for sissies. Even owning the Kilby Catfish baseball team has lost its edge. In fact, the only thing that fires him up these days is ice queen Wendy Trent, mayor of Kilby, Texas and official thorn in his side. She thinks he’s a player—and she’s right. But the stunning, smart, and unattainable Wendy gets under his skin like no other woman.


Wendy hasn’t risen to her position of mayor by chance—she’s worked incredibly hard to succeed, and knows the pain of being burned. So when the brash, irrepressible, heart-meltingly gorgeous Crush turns his attention her way, she’s definitely not interested. Okay, maybe a little…but he’ll never know. 

Then a brilliant, young female pitching phenom—and Wendy’s long-lost daughter--shows up in Kilby. Finally Crush and Wendy want the same thing -- to give Teri a chance at a pro baseball career. Making baseball history would be a home run. Temporarily giving in to their wild attraction in the process? Grand slam. 

There’s only one problem: falling in love could be the biggest game changer of all. 

November 15
Jennifer Bernard
Jennifer A. Bernard

Customer Reviews

Agent$$$$ ,

Crushing It

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Jennifer Bernard does it again! This novel had so many themes throughout the story. I loved that this novel involved two "older" people. They were lively, sexual, funny, etc. I thought it was funny, but true, how Wendy was concerned about her sagging boobs, while Crush thought she was gorgeous! I loved how those little insecurities were voiced because they are very real! Not everyone can have a tiny, flat waist and perky boobs. Not every hero can have six pack abs and a tight butt! This novel was very REAL!

Crush Taylor, despondent over being nominated into The Baseball Hall of Fame, gets drunk and passes out on a city park ball field. He's awakened by a girl pitching a baseball. She has a natural talent, but needs a little work. Crush decides to coach her and see where it leads, possibly a position on a Double or Triple A team. Teri has one stipulation, she wants Crush to take her to meet Wendy Trent, Mayor of Kilby.

Although Teri doesn't tell Crush why she wants to meet Wendy, he agrees to Teri's stipulation. Crush has always wanted to know more about the extremely private Mayor, but he's shocked to learn their connection. As Teri begins training, Crush begins his pursuit of Wendy. Wendy "allows" Crush into her life, but not all the way. Crush wants to openly date, but Wendy wants to keep their affair a secret. Crush agrees, but with hopes of breaking down her walls.

The story touched on topics such as: adoption, sobriety, the women's movement, the consequences of using drugs, age, etc. Jennifer Bernard masterfully weaves a believable story that touches every one of these topics and more!!!! I can't recommend this novel enough. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. I read a gifted copy of this novel and all opinions voiced are my own.

Blsfan68 ,

Great Series!

This is another well written, page turner by Ms. Bernard. I loved the addition of a female ball player. She created a freshness in the baseball element. And, I thoroughly enjoyed the hero and heroine being older. Being over thirty myself, I would love to see authors use more older main characters. This is a must read for fans of Ms. Bernard.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

kmmichels ,

Absolutely Fantastic!!

Crushing It was absolutely fantastic!!! Jennifer Bernard crushed this fan-requested novella about Crush Taylor and Kilby Mayor Wendy Trent. Refreshing to read about a couple who's not in their 20-30s. The story was fun, sexy, and with a wonderful HEA? SWEET! I loved the ending and the glimpses of some of the previous characters in the series. And Teri was awesome too!

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