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Nothing says bad judgement like trying to prove a superstition true…

Taylor Braxton, along with a few adventurous girlfriends, decide to test one such superstition on Valentine’s Day – the day Taylor’s ex-fiancé is to be married. A few bottles of wine help lower her inhibition and go a long way to giving her the courage to try to heal her broken heart. After all, Taylor reasons, what is the worst thing that can happen – the superstition of finding her true love might come true?


Sheriff Ryan Jones is used to getting calls about the odd dancing around the downtown fountain. When you live in Cupid, Texas, there were always some residents who believed if you dance naked around the fountain, you were guaranteed to find your true love. What he doesn’t expect is to find the lovely, but spirited Taylor Braxton confronting him at midnight – sans clothing. Unfortunately, a long-held promise and his badge stand between him and what he wants – Taylor.


Will the Cupid Superstition help Taylor and Ryan overcome the past and take a chance on love again? Or will a promise he made to her best friend, and his career, deflect Cupid’s arrow?

March 24
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Customer Reviews

Keryth68 ,

It All Began With a Dance

I had no idea Sylvia McDaniel was such a great author. She is really talented.
I love Cupid Stupid! It's so much fun to read, I adore the characters, especially Jack! Every book should have a Jack in it!
Taylor talks her 2 best friends into doing the Cupid Stupid dance with her, around the Cupid statue in the town square. The dance involves dancing around the statue naked and if you do this you are "guaranteed" to find love and get married, soon.
Naturally, the sheriff shows up, the women split up and Taylor gets caught. Instead of taking Taylor to jail, the sheriff, Ryan (ex-HS boyfriend of Taylor's best friend) takes her home with a warning. To thank Ryan, Taylor invites him to dinner. It becomes obvious to them that there is a mutual attraction and Ryan is all for pursuing it but Taylor has been badly burned in a semi-recent past relationship and also hesitates because Ryan's HS relationship with Taylor's bff, ended very badly. Can Ryan convince Taylor to give him a chance? If Taylor finds out why Ryan and her bff, split up will she be able to forgive him? And how would her friends react to her seeing Ryan?

BusDriven Mom ,

ARC reader

Cupid stupid not as interesting to me as the other Cupid books although it does apply to the series just different.It was still a good book just missing a little more

Cali Jewel ,

Fun, Sexy, Hometown Read

This is the first in what promises to be a extremely exciting series. A group of friends encouraging bad behavior to mend a broken heart, to much drinking and nude dancing what more could you want?

Taylor Braxton is in for the adventure of her life when she so was looking to just lick her wounds and hide. She has given up on men (including Lawmen). However Sheriff Ryan Jones is looking to change her mind for both their sake. Loved this small town romance!

I will most eagerly be reading all of Return to Cupid, Texas as they come out.

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