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For more than two years they’ve been ghosts. Nothing but names on empty tombstones. Men and women forced to fade into the background after being pulled from the rubble. Dead Marines saved from a fate worse than death, but ordered to stand down while their lives disappeared all around them.

Some knew it could happen if a mission exploded. Double crossed by more than just Red Wolf. But now is their time to be reborn from the flames of a Phoenix. No longer imprisoned in the shadows. A half-life between them and their future. To make things right coming back to life is their only option.

Loyalty is their salvation but damage is always more than skin deep.

A new hope. A new family. Elite Ghosts.

Target: Tungsten by Heather Long

Bradley “Tungsten” Peck. Marine. Lover. Friend. He’s the man who can get anything, find anyone, and accomplish every goal. At least he was, before he lost the only woman who mattered…he won’t stop until he gets her back or she puts a bullet in him.

Zinc's Heart by Rebecca Royce

Zinc has nothing to prove--and everything to lose.

Lithium’s Rescue by Sabrina York

He will save her…unless she saves him first.

Thallium's Submission by Anna Alexander

From now on the only orders he will follow are hers.

Nickel’s Wounds by Saranna DeWylde

Hell hath no fury like a Marine who’s lost her way. Beauty was once her currency, but for a woman who can’t feel anything but agony, she has nothing left. Except the vengeance that could destroy the one man whose love could teach her how to save herself.

Titanium’s Sacrifice by Jennifer Kacey

Titanium. Warbucks. Commander. Brother. He is all of those things. And none of them. Giving up everything to save the men and women under his command was easy until it comes to one…last…sacrifice.

November 10
Never Settle Publishing
Jennifer Spears

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aries_sword ,



The characters in these stories are fiction, but the fusion of authenticity and fantasy make these stories powerful, impressive and are written with passion from the soul by truly gifted authors. Heroic stories that leave you speechless and wanting more.

What you'll find in this stories; A cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, phenomenal story-lines, dynamic scene descriptions, spectacular banter, camaraderie, gripping suspense, life-threatening incidents, betrayal, pent-up rage and desires, spiraling emotions, heroic deeds, gut-wrenching moments, skyrocketing spine-tingling sensual romance in each story, and heart-warming conclusions that leave you content.

TARGET-TUNGSTEN-by Heather Long: Tungsten is back from the dead and has one thing on his mind; the love of his life Copper. Gabriel has her heart now. He must find a way to get back into her good graces and again win her heart.
ZINC'S HEART-by Rebecca Royce: Zinc is back from the dead, his life-long friend Adam betrayed him, and has lost everything he cared about. When Adam's sister Sarah is in need of rescuing his priorities change to rescue and protect.
LITHIUM'S RESCUE-by Sabrina York: Lithium is sent on a mission to rescue Michelle from possible death and is catapulted into a world he thought he would never have.
THALLIUM'S SUBMISSION-by Anna Alexander: Athena's ex-husband wants her dead. She is to testify at his trial. When Thallium and Athena are separated from his team during a safe-house rescue, he goes off the grid to protect her until the trial.
NICKEL'S WOUNDS-by Saranna DeWylde: Nickel is haunted by horrific memories of being raped and of Red Wolf. She has a cold heart now and is only out for revenge. When an undercover opportunity presents itself to kill the man who raped her, plus kill Red Wolf, and end his sex trafficking ring, she jumps at the chance. Her best friend Tin another OP who cares for her deeply feels this mission will destroy her and the friendship they share.
TITANIUM'S SACRIFICE-by Jennifer Kacey: The Commander who believes his team hates him. He has loved his nurse Raine for years, won't tell her as he thinks he is unworthy. He makes an incredible sacrifice out of unconditional love.

WOW-SPECTACULAR; touching and memorable stories that will melt your heart. I relished each one; most gratifying reads. The characters spring to life with powerful scene descriptions, and are certainly praise-worthy. The chemistry between the couples is convincing with their undying devotion for each other. This set is an excellent choice for your library. {I was given a copy of this set for a completely honest review}. In the world of fiction the possibilities are endless and always fascinating. Without reservations I highly recommend this set.

glhince ,

Review for LIthium's Rescue by Sabrina York

The second in the Elite Warriors Box set series brings us 6 military men and the women who love them (despite it all). While I didn’t read the other titles in the series, and am concentrating only on Lithium’s Rescue by Sabrina York, the buzz on this series, particularly for readers who like those alpha men in uniform with a touch of heart and steam is stellar.

When the analyst that helps to protect us all is threatened by her boss and his deadly and dangerous power grab, the only way to ensure order is with a calculated and rapid extraction. And being sure to grab that file.

When Michelle puts 2 and 3 together, comes up with 5, she realizes that the company she works for, tasked with high-risk security analysis is not playing on the up and up, she contacts a family friend to get the purloined information into the proper hands to foil the plot.

Lithium has been working deep undercover, and is reeling from a mission gone awry. Tasked with extracting Michelle and delivering her for debriefing, he didn’t expect the sassy, snarky, sexy woman with attitude. Pulling her out of a dangerous situation in her apartment isn’t a damsel in distress rescue – she’s fighting every order, every suggestion until she realizes that he is one of the good guys.

There is an instant attraction between these two, partly fueled by the adrenaline, the other part by their chemistry. Banter that is better suited to grade threes than adults, a junk food and peeps obsession, and the never-ending questions that get no answers from Michelle keep readers laughing, even as the action is rapid fire. Asserting his Alpha with some directed steamy dominant moments, the steam was undeniable. With a return of Sterling to extract the extractor, some clever surprises from Michelle and a wonderful moment of sharing between the two, this story is a wonderful quick read.

I received an eArc copy of the title from the author for purpose of honest review for The Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

jbebout1295 ,

Thrillingly sexy!!!

Not having read Elite Metal, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy Elite Ghosts, but my fears were definitely unfounded. I absolutely loved the book! Yes, there were references that would have made more sense had I read Elite Metal, but the authors were kind enough to fill in just enough blanks to make the book still very enjoyable for a first time reader such as myself. The characters in Elite Ghosts were so real and strong and you just can’t help but root for them. They’re truly all alone in the world, except for each other. I was completely invested in their lives right from the beginning. With such best selling authors as Heather Long, Rebecca Royce, Sabrina York, Anna Alexander, Saranna DeWylde, and Jennifer Kacey, how could you go wrong? One of my favorite authors is in the mix, so honestly, I would have bought the book for Rebecca Royce alone. However, I can honestly say I truly loved every author’s story in this book! Overall, I found the book to be compelling, intriguing, exciting, sensual, riveting, and completely enthralling. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a thrillingly sexy read.

* I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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