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A hundred miles from my problems, I’ve found a new one just down the hall. My gorgeous and conceited new roommate is exactly the type of guy who ruined my life. Hating him should be easy, but it’s not.

We fight and tease, playing a game we can’t win. And when all pretenses fall away, he shows me a side to him I can’t ignore. He’s guarded for a reason and he’s never let anyone in…until now.

With this reckless game we play, there’s one truth we can’t escape. We’re treading the edge of an attraction so intense it might as well be a grenade.

November 19
Veronica Larsen
Boundless Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Great super duper book!!! ,


Yeah next

TMats223 ,

Super Cute

The happiness in the beginning of them just being friendly over pranks was enough for me. But when they started to become friends I fell so in love with their story and their own personal stories. I loved this book.

Tania's Book Blog ,

Veronica Larsen is an expert at emotional books!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

An emotional book but with lots of laughs also. Giles and Julia are just too much but in a good way. They meet before where she couldn’t stand him to then realize couple minutes later that he’s her new roommate. If you’re looking for insta romance this is not the book to read. This was a very slow build but will keep you wanting to turn the page to see what’s next with those two.

Obviously they were attracted to each other but they both had their own demons to fight. Julia was humiliated in the worse way possible that closed her off from guys and Giles was heartbroken and trusted no one based also on an incident and also some family matters. It all started as prank wars between these two to make their living arrangements easy to handle. But without them knowing it was starting to be more. The pranks were diehard hilarious. You’ll not only see how much their relationship and attraction grows but how much they actually care for each other. Giles was there for Julia when she needed him most and didn’t even know he’ll be there and vice versa. His protectiveness of her would melt your heart.

Julia was a force to reckon with. My heart broke for her but I liked how she finally defended herself. She was a tough cookie and didn’t put up with people’s nonsense but formed a friendship with Giles. Giles was very funny and their ending was beautiful. I’m selfish and I think there’s still more to this couple.

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