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From USA Today Best Selling author Ali Parker


It's hard to tell a bad boy to keep his hands off the hottest asset under his watch... especially when she wants those hands all over her.

Chloe Moore has money, status and popularity, but she yearns for the missing piece - freedom. Her father is the governor of California and has decided to run for President of the United States. Due to some of his political positions, he's receiving death threats. With no choice, Chloe is given a shadow, a bodyguard that has been instructed to never leave her side as she attends school at UCLA. Her life before her father's decision to run was restrictive, now it's unbearable.

Ian Matthenson has worked himself up from the s****y start he got in life. Coming from the wrong side of the tracks and spending more time in jail than not, he's finally cleaned up and proven himself to the right people. His older brother gets him a gig he can't refuse - protecting the college-aged daughter of a political icon, a man even he looks up to. He has no concern over his ability to keep the pretty little tease safe, but keeping his hands off of her is going to be the feat of his existence.

Things heat up as Chloe pushes Ian to the edge, both physically and mentally. It's only when her life is in danger that he realizes that perhaps it's not just his paycheck that causes him to protect the girl's body so closely...


This is book 1 of a series. A cliffhanger is inevitable. All 3 books are available.

18+ Explicit sexual content, harsh language, and mild violence.

November 12
BrixBaxter Publishing
Ali Parker

Customer Reviews

Great super duper book!!! ,


I’ve read far better

Annomonity ,

Soo HOT!!

This was such a GREAT series! I didn't want it too end. I lime how the truth on politics comes to light. The fact that Chloe was just for show and a puppet. How Ian and Cole got through everything together.Or how Jeremy is secretly Mitch's son and that is why he will 'follow orders' so well. It was sad to her Melinda died and the whole reason was to save her daughter and how Pauly was Chloe dad but he couldn't tell her the truth to protect her from Mitch.

Linders78 ,

Forgotten Bodyguard

LOVE this series!!! It's hot, steamy and I love the characters and storyline. I couldn't put any of the books down. Ali rocks once again!!

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