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Kate McMillan has a good life and a decent job working at a jewelry store but there’s something wrong. She also has a hole in her memory—a three year gap where she can’t remember a thing. Kate tries to tell herself she’s okay but she knows it isn’t true. Someone is hunting her—a huge man with glowing blue eyes is lingering on the edges of her vision. Every time Kate sees him her pulse races and fear grips her.

Rone is a Wulven Kindred—feared and shunned even by others of the Kindred race. For the Wulven carry a Beast inside them that will kill anyone unlucky enough to be near when it emerges. Only a female who has tamed a male Wulven’s Beast is immune from this danger. Rone once had such a mate—before she was snatched away.

For months he’s been searching for his missing bride but when he finally locates Kate, he finds that she has forgotten him completely. Not only that, but his mere presence engenders a panic response in the woman who once loved him. Their bond has been broken and Kate doesn’t know him. Worse, his Beast no longer acknowledges her as his mated female. Rone doesn’t blame Kate for thinking he is dangerous—he is and always will be unless she can tame his Beast.

But in order to tame the Beast, Kate must take a terrible risk…one that may end in her death. Will she be able to control her fear and face the danger that lives inside her mate or will Rone remain forever…Forgotten?

Fiction & Literature
November 27
Evangeline Anderson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Marquez4 ,

Absolutely addictive

I have to say it's been quite a while since I've been addicted to a series. I just started to read the Kindred Bride series 1 month ago and I can't stop. On a day off, I can find that I can read 5 books and still crave more. Yes, they all have most of the same "I'm not worthy of love" or "how can they love me because of my past" issues that stand in the way of becoming a couple. But, I find the way the Kindred male seduces his woman to be irresistible. I even find myself wondering what is wrong with my own husband. If you want an easy romantic and simply erotic story with characters that continue to ind themselves together, read Evangaline Anderson's books.

RomanceAddiction.79 ,

Another Great Read that won't be Forgotten

Another amazing novel that will not be forgotten quickly. I have read all of the Kindred Bride novels and they continue to get better with each one. Evangeline has done it yet again. This has got to be the most "stay on the edge of your seat" novel that I've read in some time. Everytime that I think I see what's coming, it goes into another direction.

Forgotten picks up after Kate was abducted from Tragar & Emily's wedding. Rone has finally found Kate again after she was abducted six months ago by Two. She has lost all memory of their three years together and has agreed to go with Rone to the Flame & Frost Resort to work on expelling the fear toxins from her body. After Rone saves her from drowning in the purity pool, they are lead to a bubble where they're trapped until they get back to their "former selves". Kate has resorted back to the shy person who doesn't want to be touched or want anyone to see her scars on her back from her scoliosis surgieries and is having a hard time accepting Rone. His hunger is getting out of control while they are trapped, but Rone is trying to keep the beast back. He knows that if he doesn't feed the hunger soon, the beast will take over and he will have no control over what happens to Kate and is scared she may be killed. Kate & Rone go to his home planet G'nera for him to change into his fur form and run in the Howlund for the night to help tame his beast. Meanwhile she is staying with Tante Corii at her domicile. Two is frcing Y to watch Rone & Kate and is planning to kill them slowly and make sure that they hate one another before their deaths. Y is dreaming of a life without Two embedded in his life and waiting for Two's new body to finish generating in the vats at the ancient scourge command complex. Two's new body is huge and intimidating. Y hopes that Two will allow him to remove the chip that he has implanted of Two's personality, but Two laughs and refuses to allow him to remove it so Y will remain his property. Y has noticed since visiting the scourge home planet that the area where Two's personality chip is implanted has begun to transform and seems to be leading to his spinal cord and brain, and is afraid of what may happen if it reaches those areas. On Rone's home planet, Y goes to see the Grandy See-er to get Kate to the Howlund area where Rone is in his beast form. Kate's "knowing" warns her of things going wrong, but between the Grandy See-er and Two, she's unable to stop herself from going toward the Howlund area. Rone's beast is being reluctant about coming out without Kate there with it. Things continue to get even more exciting as the book continues, but I believe I've spoiled enough. I truly hope that you enjoy Forgotten as much as I have. (I voluntarily received an ARC and I'm happy to leave a review)

Ginger Chouchou ,

Loved it!

Probably my favorite Kindred story yet! I've read Switched and all the rest but this one was the best. Kate and Rone's story had me in tears several times. I hope there are more Kindred stories, even though 18 is a lot, I never get tired of them!

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