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Ian isn't crazy. Life would be a lot simpler if he was. He's eighteen, on the run, and scared – the shape-shifting delusions he's had since childhood have turned out to be real. He's the result of a dynamic mimicry project intended to help undercover agents "go grey" and blend in unnoticed.

Now the biotech company wants its property back, and the only people he can trust are two private military contractors sent to find him: Rob, a former Royal Marine who's struggling to adjust to Civvy Street, and Mike, heir to a wealthy American political dynasty, who only ever wanted to be an ordinary guy. 

While the company hunts Ian, the two contractors try to help him harness his disturbing ability. But first Ian's got to work out what identity really means – and Mike and Rob have to decide how far they'll go to give him the chance of a normal life.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 9
Karen Traviss
Karen Traviss

Customer Reviews

Trevor Holland ,

Solid start

The good: the characters are great. It's easy to feel connected to them. Connecting to each of their lives is easy. Rooting for their success feels natural. I want to read more about them.

The bad: the plot is convoluted. The main thrust of the blurb is that Ian (the protagonist) needs to get safely away from a biotech firm, but that's only the underlying conflict of the story. Ian doesn't actually do much except have a training montage.

The ugly: the copy editor (assuming there was one) did a terrible job. There are typos and missing words littered throughout. It doesn't detract from the overall work, but the copy editor (assuming there was one) should be drug out behind a shed and beaten with a hose for negligence, incompetence, or both.

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