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Guitar Quest: Essentials is designed to be used as both a beginning acoustic guitar method as well as a basic reference manual. The essential concepts presented in this text will cover key elements which are necessary in learning and playing the guitar.

After completing this method, you will have acquired a basic understanding of simple chords, and how to play and transition between them while keeping a steady rhythm. You will learn to play basic strumming patterns and chord progressions—the foundation of many a song.

Beautifully designed, the visual appeal of this eBook can aid in increased focus and musical retention. Throughout these pages, there are clear photos, custom-designed graphics, and other forms of multimedia to help as you begin your quest in learning to play the guitar.

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January 16
Magnum Opus Publishing
Atlanta Guitar Clinic, LLC

Customer Reviews

Wnfinch ,

All Quests have a begging.

A great start for anyone looking to begin their quest in playing the guitar. It's not Mel Bay, it take you through some key chords and strumming patterns to get there without playing down to you. Even for an advance player, this can refresh your sight tab skills.

Icarus Syndrome ,

Great Instructional book by a great instructor

This primer on learning the guitar is targeted for the new or beginner guitarist. The design and layout of the book really builds upon the theme that learning guitar can be viewed as a quest Although no two guitarists quests are identical, they often include the same essential starting points. If you study this book and familiarize yourself with the contents of this guide, you will have a firm enough grasp to start you on your quest. This book covers the basic concepts of learning guitar, from the anatomy of a guitar (acoustic or electric), to how to hold a pick correctly, and proper finger placement on the neck. Then more technical (but essential) concepts such as basic chord patterns, and several types of strumming patters are included, then with these concepts under your belt, you get to where you can really start playing music. The book continues from there giving you even more critical skills and tools to allow you to play and write your own music. I can highly recommend this product to all new and beginner students and even as a reference book for the more intermediate and advanced players. The instruction is logically arranged and clearly explained. You really should let Matthias Young help you on your quest to master the guitar.

craig 2 the head ,

THE way to get started!

Once again, Matthias Young offers a clear and concise method book perfect for the aspiring guitarist. A wonderful tool for instructors as well. In short, buy this book.

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