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Ormyu Five is the world divided in two

To the north, a police state ruled by the heavy hand of The EYE, which spies on its people constantly and keeps iron control over their lives.
To the South lies Bountiful, a country of free thinkers bustling with trade and blessed with balmy weather. But those from the Northern Block never get to experience its temperate climate for the two halves of Ormyu Five are divided by an impenetrable wall of blue energy called the Great Barrier.

Mia lives in the North and can’t remember a time when she wasn’t looking over her shoulder. Everyone spies on everyone else and reports to The Eye. It is a land of paranoia—a place of constant fear. Even Mia herself has been forced into the ranks of informants—she works as a nurse but also as a covert agent, reporting weekly to her Commandant in The EYE’s headquarters for new assignments. Imagine her surprise and dismay when she recognizes her new target—a huge male with a mane of golden brown hair and pale piercing eyes—as the one she has been dreaming of for months.

Treygar is a rare Lei’on Kindred which means he keeps a hungry beast locked within himself. He came to Ormyu Five with his people, looking for a new genetic trade on the strangely divided planet. What he doesn’t expect is to start dream sharing with one of the inhabitants of the backwards world but that is exactly what happens. He wants to go and find the mysterious, curvy little female but before he can, he runs into her at the transport station.

Mia is scared to death of the huge Kindred warrior. She’s been dreaming of him for months but she assumed It was just that—a dream. Even worse, he is the target she had been sent to the South to track…and possibly to kill. Can she keep herself from falling for Trey and complete her mission? Or is the big Kindred aiming for her heart, Hitting the Target?

March 30
Evangeline Anderson
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Customer Reviews

R. Manor ,

Hitting the Target

Hitting the Target : A Kindred Tales Novel. (Brides of the Kindred) - Evangeline Anderson

An interesting new world where a “wall” divides two different societies. Think 1984/Brave New World and throw in some of today’s political issues and throw in an intriguing plot and a sexy Alpha Kindred Doctor Shifter (Trey).

Living in fear on the totalitarian side of the planet(under the surveillance of The Eye), Mia hides behind her ordinary appearance as she is not the norm of what is considered desirable (Tall, skinny, blond modelesque). Living with her grandmother ever since her parents were taken away by the government she does her best to take care of the two of them in this hellish existence. Escape is near impossible and 99% of the time results in death.
Mia is recruited by by The Commandant to spy and seduce the Shifter Kindred on the South side of the wall (think free, warm and progressive) who may have new technology they want to steal. They blackmail her by threatening to harm her grandmother. Mia is a BBW who works as an assistant at the care center.
I’m was disappointed that once again there is a virgin heroine, it’s a tiring premise for an adult book and it would have enhanced her story to make her experienced in the horrors of her society.
I also think it would have been awesome for Mia and Trey (The Kindred) to find her parents in the end and reunite the family.
Trey is one of the Shifter Kindred that is on this new world for genetic trading (wouldn’t mind some more stories with his species of Kindred). He is a hot doctor who has drawn the attention of many a female at the care center but feels no attraction until Mia is brought into his life. Turns out the two have been dream sharing.
The author then takes us on their exciting adventure of political intrigue, suspense, sensual tension building into steamy erotic scenes. A very entertaining page turning addition to the Kindred Novels, I would recommend it to any fans of Evangeline Anderson’s amazing sci-fi stories. The peak into the next book involving the “Volt” Kindred looks awesome!

Racy Carr ,


I really enjoyed the story. Each book I read of this author I see so much creativity.

Treygar was a very cool type of Kindred. He was a Lei’on Kindred. I love the direction the author took with this character.

The author did a great job giving a lot of detail when it came to Mia. I think it was very important because to understand Mia you need to understand how she was forced to live. It also helps you understand how much a strong woman she really was.

I love how protective Trey was of Mia but we see that when it comes to Kindred. He was perfect for her and gave her the right amount of space.

I did cry when reading this book. I feel the author really reach in my soul and stirred up my emotions. Sorry will not tell you about what made me cry because it would give to much a way. but I will tell you I did enjoy this book and hope to see of this more of this type of kindred.

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