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What’s it take to tame a wild firefighter?

Passion, patience, and lots of skin on skin persuasion…

Years ago, Mick Whitehouse was Faith’s sparring buddy on the playground, but now he’s all grown up, dangerously handsome, and tempting her to break all her rules. Determined not to repeat her mother’s romantic mistakes, Faith has made it her business to push love away at every turn.

But now love isn’t just knocking on her door; he’s pinning her to the mat, covering her lips with his, and turning up the heat.

Can Faith overcome her fear and let herself be tamed? Or will the thought of forever with a man who sets her blood on fire prove too hot to handle?

A sexy standalone firefighter romance from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Jessie Evans. Formerly published as Hot for You by Jessie Evans.

January 28
Michael Fedele
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Customer Reviews

Singing Secretary ,

Another must read from Jessie Evans!

Jessie Evans has become one of my favorite authors and having read the first novel in her Red Hot Reunion series and absolutely loving it, I looked forward to more of these characters and KNEW I had to read To Tame A Wild Firefighter.

Mick and Faith live in the small town of Summerville, and have known each other forever. But after one kiss shared under the Mistletoe at the Fireman’s Ball, a kiss that made them both experience an intensity of unexpected passion, neither Mick nor Faith can get that moment out of their minds. Unfortunately they both have pasts which contain things they can’t seem to let go of or overcome. They ultimately agree to spend time together but decide to keep things simple as neither of them is looking for any kind of a long-term relationship. However, when an unexpected circumstance arises forcing them to spend more time together, they both begin to open up to each other which leads them to the realization that the feelings they are sharing go deeper than they ever expected leaving them with the ultimate decision of whether the “simple” relationship they initially agreed upon may in fact be something more.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Mick and Faith in the first book of the Red Hot Reunion series leaving me with a great anticipation for reading their story. Together, they shared an intense chemistry and ignited sparks which to say were explosive and HOT is a definite understatement. To Tame A Wild Firefighter is a spectacular story of love and learning to open up and place your trust in someone while overcoming circumstances of the past that make it difficult to do.

To Tame A Wild Firefighter is a another terrific story from Jessie Evans and a definite MUST READ! Although this is the second book of this series, it can be read as a standalone. But I guarantee once you do read it, you’ll feel the need to have to read them all. I love this series and look forward to more from Ms. Evans.

coffeegoddesstmk ,

Another Win For Jessie Evans

'Delightful' is the first word that comes to mind when describing how I feel about 'Hot For You' by Jessie Evans. I started smiling from the first words, and the good vibe continued throughout the entire book. Faith and Mick just work so well together, whether she wants to believe it or not. It's lovely to see the evolution of both characters, neither or whom is looking for a serious relationship at the beginning of their story. Both have had less than wonderful experience in the romance department, and Faith, especially, is gun-shy about getting involved with Mick. But things just work so nicely, and they both quickly realize that what they have is real.

One of the things that I love best about Jessie is her characters, and it's just sweet to see how Faith and Mick come to life here. We also get to see more of Naomi, Jake, Jamison, and Maddie, as well as characters from the 'Always A Bridesmaid' series, also set in Summerville. It made me, as a reader, feel the sense of community that comes from small-town living, and more invested to see how the rest of the 'Fire and Icing' series plays out.

This wouldn't be a romance if there wasn't some drama and conflict (hey, it just makes the resolution that much sweeter), but, as with all of Jessie's stories, love always wins. I obviously very much enjoyed, and very highly recommend, this and all of Jessie's books.

Kara Hildebrand ,


MICK! MICK! MICK! Ok, now that I got that out of my system. I've been waiting for Mick's story and I couldn't be happier with this book. Mick and Faith have relationship baggage, but their story is sweet and sexy.It's a feel good love story with a nice dose of angst but it's worth it!

Mick has just come out of a needy relationship and he doesn't want to be a hero anymore and Faith's mother had so many relationships that she's afraid of losing herself to a man. I love that Faith is a strong willed character who says what she's thinking and can take care of herself. I love that Mick is vulnerable and shares his feeling with Faith.

"I'm for real. I've never felt anything like the pull I feel every time I look at you" Mick

"He looked amazing - good enough to go back for seconds and dip the crust in gravy" Faith

Jessie's writing is so good! The words create such beautiful pictures that jump off the page and grab you. The dialog is funny and witty and I laughed out loud and smiled almost through the entire book.

I love the way Jessie sets up the next book. You care about all of these characters and while you're still smiling and happy with Mick and Faith you almost don't notice that you're cheering for Maddie and Jamison. I can't wait for the next one!

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