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Physical Skiing is the first book to thoroughly address the physical training and performance needs of alpine skiers. All skiers want to ski better, avoid injury and ski for a lifetime. As the population gets older, conditioning will be a crucial element in enabling skiers more days per year. While improvements in equipment and hill grooming have made it easier to ski, it also means a change in how you train for skiing. Physical Skiing explores these relationships so you can be better prepared to ski longer and better each day.

This format of blending science and practical application means the book applies to the recreational skier all the way to the medical community. Each chapter is a blend of research, photos, information and critical points forming self-contained technical and practical applications to the particular topic, whether ergonomic equipment advantages or resistance training. After reading Physical Skiing, you will be able to efficiently organize your physical training for better results in your available time. Also, you will learn tips and tricks with equipment and nutrition to make your skiing better and more enjoyable.

Chapters include:

* Better Skiing is Physical Skiing
* Understanding The Ski Turn
* Energy System Use in Skiing and Training Programs
* Strength/Power Use in Skiing and Training Programs
* Flexibility In Skiing
* Exercise & Physiological Assessments
* Training Program Progressions
* Injury Prevention in Skiing
* Ergonomics, Making Skiing Easier on The Body
* Fuel For Skiing
* Training Equipment Listing/Comparison
* Glossary

Sports & Outdoors
January 25
KickPoint Press
Neil Wolkodoff

Customer Reviews

WarpDrive1985 ,

Physical Skiing Has Depth

Frist off this book is not about specific exercises. Rather, it talks about the relationships of physical qualities you need for ski performance. Then, it’s kind of up to you to take available equipment and modify according the the information and science presented. I get that, as gyms are all so different how can you train the same from gym to gym. Another nice thing is each chapter is kind of a self enclosed lesson on the subject specifics, so you don’t have to read it front to back. Alot of interesting science that dispells myths of training. Like skiing is more about lowering strength, so jumping on to boxes is less than effective.