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A lost necromancer Knight. A missing Reaper princess. An Epic adventure that brings the Gods new hope.

Born of two realms, Dream and Death, Princess Willow Ember is the first royal Relicblood who can wield six unique forms of magic. But what good are her powers when she can't even use them to save those she loves. On the night of her betrothal to an apprentice reaper named Xavier, a vengeful sorcerer threw the young necromancer into the ocean and left him to die.  Yet even Willow did not suspect the truth.

That Xavier's soul was ripped from his body, and trapped inside his twin brother.

The coexisting brothers embark on a journey in search of Xavier's missing body, venturing into a world they had only read about in books. What started as an exciting adventure of hope turns into a frightening nightmare. For they never expected to uncover an infestation of undead beasts and bone-crunching dragons, nor did they expect to run across someone from their past... a woman Reaper with fire magic who uses her unmatched skills with the scythe to help the twins fight off hordes of soul-eating monsters lead by and an ancient, demon queen.

A queen who has amassed an army of undead necrofera, preparing to wage a demon war against the living.
And it's up to the apprentice Reapers to stop her!

Willow of Ashes takes Epic Fantasy to the next level with its seamless blend of adventurous high fantasy similar to Lord of the Rings combined with a unique, illustrative style reminiscent of role-playing games like Final Fantasy 9.  

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 23
ScyntheFy Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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