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Welcome to Prossers Bay, the small town with a big heart.

Four close friends have grown up together in this seaside town. 

All have experienced heartache. 

Now that the women are back together, it's time to face some hard facts and make decisions they'd rather not. Can they survive the many changes they hadn't counted on? And how will they deal with certain truths they hoped would stay buried in the past?

One thing is certain—things will never be the same again because once you step foot into this tight-knit community, your past isn't as important as your future. 

Be prepared to accept that love is in the air, strangers will care about you, and second chances can happen.

Finding Liam

How do you fix a broken marriage?

For Max, marrying his childhood sweetheart was a dream come true. 

When a series of devastating events drive a wedge between them, their marriage looks doomed. 

Scared she can never be the wife Max deserves, Abby is looking for a way to get back what they had because their love is worth the risk.

A Christmas miracle could pave the way for a second chance.

Do they have the courage to fight one last time for their happy ever after?

Seducing Megan

Trusting yourself is sometimes harder than trusting someone else.

Megan has fought hard for her independence and raising her twin daughters alone means she has no time for men.

Especially when they come in a handsome package like millionaire, Jordan Lambert. Charming, rich, he's 
everything she's vowed to stay away from, so why then is she finding him so hard to resist?

Used to getting his own way, Jordan can't understand why Megan refuses his job offer, why she intrigues him, or why he cares so much. Could it be that he's seen the real woman she hides beneath her independent coolness and bravado? 

Saving Stephanie

The prodigal son has returned to Prossers Bay.

His past makes returning to Prossers Bay a double-edged sword for Dr. Jamie Morris. Determined to care for his sick father, he knows that the small town will not have forgotten the events that plagued his childhood, nor the woman who broke his heart. The woman he will eventually have to face.

With the dream of opening her own café crushed, Stephanie Green is astounded by Jamie's offer of help, but taking money from her ex-lover isn't an option. Except, it's the only one she has, and like everything he does, Jamie makes it too tempting to refuse. 

Is it possible to trust that one person you truly loved not to hurt you again? 

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5* Review - I thoroughly enjoyed every story in this series, from start to finish and everything in between. There is a lot that reminds me of my own family & reading such loving, funny, hilarious parts of the lives in the Prosser's Bay series, will always bring back many happy & sometimes sad memories.
Thank you for putting so much honesty & thoughtfulness into each of the characters lives & personalities, it makes them all unique & equally special in their own ways. I will be reading Prosser's Bay again & again.

October 13
Cheryl Phipps
Draft2Digital, LLC

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