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You met James Wallace in Lost & Found, now it’s time he gets his happy ever after!

A guy walks into a bar… No, too cheesy.

A girl sees him across the room… Nope, not quite.

He’s a Grinch, she’s an Elf… That’s the one!

Grumpy about caving to his partner’s request, James Wallace dresses up as Santa to please some kids he doesn’t know. The girl playing his helper elf has him intrigued from the moment their eyes meet.

All Georgina “Gigi” Grant wants for Christmas is to have some luck in love. Her brother and his wife suggest she help Santa at the local kid’s club. Dressed up like a helpful elf, Gigi isn’t prepared to be snowed in with the grinchy Santa.

Given her brother’s friend is behind the grinchy demeanor, she hesitates until he takes her in his arms and suddenly, all she wants for Christmas is…

The Grinch.

December 4
KL Donn
Krystal Fahl

Customer Reviews

Melanie s g ,

So Sweet

This book had me in stitches. You have a Grinch like person James. And the you have elf like character Gigi, now you would never think these two would come together. Not w but remember it is the season of Miracles and anything is possible. You have to read the book and find out for yourself if this is for you. Now I loved the characters and could not get enough of them. James was an ott Alpha and Gigi was just the sweetest. I recommend this book.

Vanilla34 ,


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and KL has given us a little something something to keep us warm. This novella is just what I needed to make me remember what Christmas was all about!! James and Gigi both have crushes on the other but neither makes a move until it’s taken out of their hands. When they come together it’s explosive and out of control. They are a match made in heaven and the spirit of Christmas is alive in this book with hope, dreams and everything in between. You’ll love this book cause I know I did!!!!!

Brezzy2013 ,

Sexy Christmas

This one was short, sweet, and oh so hot! Seeing what happens with James, Pepper’s brother from Lost and Found, was an absolute treat. He is a total Alphahole but knew when it was time to stop playing games and claim his woman. Gigi is Krystal’s most relatable leading lady for me yet. I absolutely adore her and can completely understand where she was coming from on her side of the story. That just made the whole thing that much sweet.

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