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Was I still a human? Gosh, I still wanted to be human. Even just to keep a sliver of whom I thought I was. But as I thought about being human, standing in the shade of the forest, I felt less human than ever. The trees fought for my allegiance."

It starts in her chest. The change Calliope doesn't see coming. It pulses like a second heartbeat, urging her to give in to the need to be in the depths of the forest. She's compelled to fight the pull, but the more she denies it the stronger it becomes until she finally surrenders and is pulled into a secret world of enchantment.

Kai and Declan need her to accept what she is, but with everything left unsaid, acceptance may be the least of their worries. Knowing their fate lies in her hands, they’ll stop at nothing to protect and prepare her for what lies ahead.

Will Calliope be able to accept what Kai and Declan reveal or will her desire to be normal keep her from acknowledging her true destiny?(

Young Adult
March 12
Mindy Hayes
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

LittleRootTown ,


I wouldn't recommend this book. I got kind of bored and forced myself to finish the book. There are far to many of this same exact book. I think I have read one that I liked so far. Callie was too weak, the love stuff was too obvious or cliché, and the alterations she made on traditional faeries were not welcome. Sure it helped her out later, but who cares? It made her weaker as an author to give herself the crutch. I'm talking about the metal stuff. Also- never even got to see the faery world. What's up with that? I suppose I'm a bit biased, but I enjoy a book much better when it's not entirely focused on the human world but staged in an enthralling, picturesque world.
Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Hope that over all the bias I helped.

Zihara ,

Great read

I've read all three books in this series. They are a fun read and have some unexpected twists along the way. I wish there was a bit more detail especially describing the fairy world in the other books but it's a great story and I'd recommend this to a friend.

Academy 3 ,


I enjoyed this book about a young girl who finds out she's a Princess fairy.

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